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Patch Notes: August 3, 2016

Patch Notes August 3, 2016

Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.

Weekly Maintenance Time: 6pm-10pm PDT (~4 hours)


Our July Munil Costume and Accessory Boxes are on sale!

Sale Period: August 3 - August 8, 2016

Get your Grand Pirate Costume, Showgirl Dress, Sheriff Suit, Vanace, Palm Tree Costume, or Beach Memory costume before they're gone for the year!


July Munil Costume Box (sale)


July Munil Accessory Box (sale)




The August Lucky Box is here!

Grab a Lucky Box for a chance at an RO1 AssassinCross Style costume, Popopoporing mount, or other goodies!


August Lucky Box 


Summer Share has ended, but we're extending the Happy Hour Boxes and EXP Event to August 15!

Event Period: August 3 - August 15, 2016

As a thank you to everyone to participated, we've decided to re-enable the 900% EXP and special Happy Hour event until August 15!

We will be following it up with August's Happy Hour Event on August 15, with Dapara's EXP event going live on August 22!



Vador Invasion

Event Period: August 1 - August 29, 2016

Vador is angry that everyone keeps playing in his undersea lawn!  Him and his buddies are invading the beaches of Midgard.  Throughout the month of August 1st - August 29th, Vador will be combing the beaches in search of Victims and it is your job to destroy them.  


For your efforts King Reinhardt has put a bounty out on the crafty crustaceans.


30 Vador killed:

5 Phantom Pyramid Stone 
1 Premium Designated Dye 
1 Rune Remover 
60 Vador killed: 
1 3 Day VIP 
1 Random Box Honing 100% 
3 Infinium
100 Vador killed: 
1 7 Day VIP
1  Swag Box
1 Hunter's Reward Box
Every Monday we'll count the kill and rewards will be distributed. 
However, Vador and his buddies are very busy with their undersea BBQ's each week so they can only attack on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
Keep an eye out on each of those days at 12:00 and 23:00 server time!




Summer is upon us and it's time to show off your artistic skills.  We invite you to share with us your character's favorite Summer outfit.  It does not need to be something that currently exists.  It can be something brand new. Create a fun depiction of how your character beats the heat when they are not adventuring through Midgard! 


Click here to check it out!





- Character Select should now show the correct page when returning to character select.

- Honing Price display now matches the server cost deducted.

- Quest Audience with the King can no longer be abandoned or rejected. A more permanent fix to this quest line is being looked into.

- Adjusted West Mt. Mjolnir Long Distance Flight Service prices lower.

- East Mt. Mjolnir Long Distance Flight Service should now arrive at the same location from all departure locations.

- Alters can now use Pandora Scythes

- Fixed Shield Charge bug caused when target is at 0 hp.

- Fixed an edge case in fall damage calculation that caused players to instantly die when falling short distances.

- Fixed Jupitel Thundery Mastery buff being consumed without granting the instant cast effect.

- Fixed an issue with NPCs that would generate a Out of Range error when an NPC would use a teleport skill with a long cast time(Drake).

- Fixed an issue where cooldown timers would not correctly display on skill bar. Now there is an error message if the target is already dead or a cooldown on the skill is displayed in cases where the skill projectile was mid-flight when the target died.

- Stealth characters will no longer be healed twice by Rejuvenation.

- Fixed an issue with stationary monsters resetting to full health after being hit with a knockdown effect.

- Fixed a bug with Detect Weakness buff while Combo Mastery buff is active preventing skills from being used without the required combo points.

- Healing skills now show full amount restored by the skill rather than the amount healed to the character.

- Fixed a display issue with Temporary Box Storage showing incorrect number of items in Event Storage. This bug was displaying a total that included expired boxes.

- Players can no longer summon pets in single-player story dungeons.

- Rare Jellopy will no longer drop after quest has been completed. This item will also no longer drop for Noel characters.

- Earth Emblem should no longer vanish after relogging.

- Pet stun skills should no longer apply on specific bosses in Fallen Fortress. Players should now be required to interact with the crystals when engaging these enemies.

- Your character level is now correctly checked when equipping items in the Colloseum. Previously the Colosseum effectively made players level 50.

- Characters can no longer channel skills while using hide.

- Imoogi in Forgotten Payon no longer resets when stunned or other CC effects.

- Dead characters no longer continue channeling while dead.

- Master Level Quest description now correctly shows "Get rid of 1 Einherjar of Twilight and report to Gilgamesh."

- Skill descriptions for Soullink Concentration, Wind Walk, Chronic Fatigue now use the word Vigor instead of Vitality to reflect the name of the buff applied.

- Names of the Crafting designs for Pitch Darkness, Rise and Fall, Menace, Asharon, and Joser crafting recipes now match the item they create.

- Fixed entry requirements for Fortress of Sandarman Dungeon to level 48. Previously allowed 46 and higher to enter.