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Guild Housing

Guild Housing

Guilds in Ragnarok Online 2 can enter a lotto to own a Guild House.

To apply for Guild Housing, visit the Guild House Manager NPC in Prontera or Morroc.

In the Lottery List, enter the lotto by selecting the house you want, the number of tickets you wish to buy and select apply. You can continually buy lotto tickets until the winning guild is announced.

Winners are selected on the 1st and 15th of each month. Winning guilds will retain the house for 28 days.

You can check the status of the lotto by selecting ‘Current State’ from the Guild House Manager NPC’s Menu. This will show a list of other guilds in the lotto, your number of tickets, and current Guild House holders.

A guild can only hold one Guild House at a time. The winning guild will earn 10% of the lotto ticket revenue pool for the Morroc or Prontera house they hold.

Members of the winning guild will be able to warp to the guild house by using a ‘Warp’ button available in their guild menu.

4 guild houses will be available at launch. 16 more houses will be released over time, with a total of 20 guild houses being made available in the future.


The Guild House has various NPCs inside to help you:

    -Guild Dungeon Manager

    -Master Level

    -Guild Manager

    -Robe Merchant

    -Merchant Master

    -Storage Service

    -Potion Merchant

    -Repair expert


Greedy Mine

An NPC in the Guild House will allow members to warp to the Greedy Mine Dungeon. Guild house holders will be able to access this special dungeon area with level 80+ monsters.

PvP is open in the Greedy Mine, and players will be able to earn or loose Blood Points while on this map. Bosses in the Greedy Mine drop items such as Seed Runes and Honing Oil.


Honing Oil


Honing Oil is a new item that will give you a 10% higher range when honing.