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War of Emperium v1.5




Currently, only the guild that owns the castle will take advantage of WoE’s rewards, the WoE feudal system aims to change that. There will be one castle, but now there will be many fortresses located in the field and the ownership of each will be decided at the end of each WoE.

Unlike the current state of WoE, owning the Emperium or defending it will not be the goal of winning. Being victorious or being defeated will be decided by an Occupation Score.


How to win


Winning guild will be chosen based on new Occupation Score

Occupation Score: Quantifies the cumulative time from the start of WoE to the time when the Castle Emperium is destroyed into a number.

When the Castle Emperium is destroyed, Occupation Score will be accumulated again from the time of its destruction.

Every time the Castle Emperium is destroyed, the basic Occupation Score will be increased:

When it isn’t destroyed: 100 (basic score)

When it’s destroyed once: Multiply basic score by 2

When it’s destroyed twice: Multiply basic score by 3

Even if Emperiums are being protected by a defending guild, that guild can’t win if the Occupation Score is lower than other guilds.

If the score is tied, the guild who owned it last will be the winner.



4 total guilds can reap rewards from War of Emperium, meaning that four separate guild can take ownership of the castle and three fortresses.


1 Castellan

3 Fortress Lords


Castellan rewards shall be the same as they are now for owners of the War of Emperium castle.

Unique buff (+1,000HP/15% Movement Speed Increase)

Zeny tax of zeny spent at vendors

Fortress Lord reward shall be a smaller zeny tax of zeny spent at vendors






When WoE begins, Emperiums will be placed at the castle, fortresses and strongholds.

Additionally, castle gates and gateways will spawn.

The guild who took the castle and fortresses can move to the Pron Stronghold, East Fortress, West Fortress, or South Fortress through NPC Lugal by clicking the “Enter” button.

The attacking guilds can move to West Gate entrance or East Gate entrance through NPC Hanson by clicking the “Enter” button.




Acquiring ownership of fortress


You can take ownership of each castle or fortress by destroying the Emperium of that castle or fortress.

The Occupation Buff can be acquired by using the same method as before (owning the castle), however, if castle ownership is taken by another guild because of the owning guild’s lack of Occupation Score, the Occupation Buff will be deactivated.


WoE Reset


When the castle Emperium is destroyed, except for the guild that has gained ownership of the castle, the rest of the guilds will be moved to outside of the stronghold (same as before).

Unlike the current state, WoE won’t be finished, but will begin again after a short period.

The castle gate and gateway will recover when WoE begins again, but with decreased HP than before.

Every time the castle Emperium is destroyed, the basic Occupation Score will increase as follows:

When it isn’t destroyed: 100 (basic score)

When it’s destroyed once: Multiply basic score by 2

When it’s destroyed twice: Multiply basic score by 3


Ownership of the Castle When WoE Finishes


Ownership of the castle will be decided according to the castle Occupation Score, and the guild who has the highest score will be the owner.

In case of the fortresses, regardless of castle Occupation Score, ownership of the fortress will be given to the guild that occupies the fortress when WoE is finished.




The castle gate can be removed by using an orb located in the southern fortress.

Location-saving Kafra, which used to be able to be used during WoE, is only available to be used by the Guild Master.

During WoE, Blood Point and Mastery Point death penalty will not be applied.

Base occupation buffs, which used to be acquired when occupying a base, won’t be applied anymore.

Flying Kafra’s flight path, which makes it possible to move from castle to fortress directly, is eliminated.

You can move to the store location from the current location by using /exit or /escape command. However, you can only use it once an hour.