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Patch Notes: August 15, 2016

Patch Notes August 15, 2016

Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.

Weekly Maintenance Time: 6pm-10pm PDT (~4 hours)


We're having a big Back to School sale!

Sale Period: August 15 - September 19, 2016

Grab these discounted items at their lower prices while the sale last, and maybe it'll help in keeping your mind off that school is starting soon!

Back to School sale 




August Happy Hour Boxes are here!

Event Period: August 15 - August 22, 2016

Happy Hour Boxes will be dropping throughout May at the following times:

02:00 - 03:00

08:00 - 09:00

14:00 - 15:00

20:00 - 21:00


The following box will drop during this period:

August Happy Hour Box





Summer Dungeon Bash

Summer Dungeon Bash!

Slay Monsters as a Community! Win Prizes!

Event Period: August 8 - September 19, 2016

The heat of summer is wilting to most of us, but the monsters of Rune Midgarts thrive in it! It's time to step up our population control measures. As a thank you for your hard work, King Reinhart has offered a bounty for increasing the number of Ocean-Themed Boss Monsters killed each week. 
Each defeat of the noted boss monster or monsters will be counted toward the tiers. Everyone who participates in the event will earn the tiers that were unlocked each week! This is a "beat your high score" type of event, and the goal each week is to exceed the number of boss monsters killed the previous week. We will update the score to beat each maintenance, and the prizes earned throughout the week will be distributed during regular maintenance. 


Click here for more details!


We're celebrating Korean Liberation Day by giving away capes!

In celebration of South Korea's Liberation Day on August 15, we are giving everyone who has been active since May 1, 2016, a free Korean flag cape!

Korea Flag Cape 


We're celebrating Indonesian Independence Day by giving away capes!

In celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17, we are giving everyone who has been active since May 1, 2016, a free Indonesian flag cape!

Indonesia Flag Cape






- Captain Vadon has been moved off the wrecked ship to the beach.

- Fixed extra page scrolling when entering Character Select.

- Lapparman level 1 and level 2 duration was extended to allow the last heal to complete

- Card Coating Papers obtained from Happy Hour Box are now usable at Card Master for reinforcing cards.

- Dapara's Reward should now be purchasable.

- All Long Distance Flights to East Mt. Mjolnir should now arrive at the same location.

- Fixed mising strings for Jawaii Warp Scroll and March Happy Hour Box.

- Greenseed Cure Rune and Greenseed Shield Rune can now be cancelled.

- Heal Skill will now properly display the amount healed when the amount of life restored is small.

- Wizard Teleport skill used without a valid destination now properly shows an error message instead of teleporting incorrectly.

- Fall damage calculation updated. Distances under 10m are safe. Higher distances scale in percentage maximum health damage up to 100% at 30m.

- Kafra Service Jakiya in Morroc no longer moonlights as a pilot. Dialogue now is appropriate for this NPC.

- Changed name of Large Robberbug Card to Flying Robberbug Card.

- [Quest] "Long time no see." should now be removed.

- [Quest Starter] Rare Jellopy can now be completed repeatedly.

- [Quest Starter] Rare Jellopy can now be taken by Noel characters.

- Russil-Obtained Power of the Randgris name has been changed to Powered Up Russil.

- Increased amount of damage needed to defeat Powered Up Russil. Now is defeated when about 60k hp remains.

- Fixed an issue where players are unable to use skills after exiting a dungeon. Skill cooldowns are now properly running.

- Refining Whetstone V and Magic Oil bonus attack amount increased.

- Fixed an issue preventing certain skills from being used in Episode 2 dungeon.

- Fixed description for +10 Immediate refine stone to say Armors instead of Weapons.

- Kafra Ria on Izlude Hill Flight services are available again.

- Updated Personal Shop UI. Exchanged locations of displayed zeny to match the lablels.

- Red Jewel item description now includes "Offering for the Poring Rock."


Unlisted fixes from previous updates

- Damage Reduction over 100% is no longer possible.

- Explorer Purple Potions now heal 20% instead of 80%.

- [Quest] Blooming Goldfish quest markers are now placed on the appropriate fish type.

- During [Quest] Eternal Pease for the Poor Souls, the Messy Report will no longer lose progress when a player logs out.

- Dragon Tail quest item spelling has been corrected to Dragon Tail's Wing

- Magic Power description in Charater Info UI now says "Magical skill effect" instead of "Physical skill effect"
HornBill Mount Cooldown now displays correctly.

- Pet damage over time skills now end after a duel is canceled.

- Certain event Karnium items have been converted to normal Karnium.

- War of Emperium Orb can no longer be channeled while dead.