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Patch Notes: February 22, 2016

Patch Notes February 22, 2016
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 6pm-10pm PST (~4 hours)


Check out the new Swag costume set!

Loki's Costume Merchant in Prontera has a new Swag Costume set!

Be as fly as a Chonchon with these five new costume pieces!

Swag Human MaleSwag Human Female

Swag Noel FemaleSwag Noel Male

New Fusion item: Magic Chance Slate!

Cheny has a new slate item, the Magic Chance Slate!

The Magic Chance Slate can be used within Costume Fusion with Normal Grade costumes in order to have a better chance at randomly dropping one of the Magic Grade costumes, such as the Kafra and new Swag sets!

How to acquire and use one of the new Magic Chance Slates:

1. Find Cheny in Prontera

2. Buy a Magic Chance Slate off of her for 500 Diamonds

3. Activate a Costume Fusion Tablet

4. Place 2 Normal Grade costumes inside of the tablet

5. Place the Magic Chance Slate

6. Click Fusion and hope that your luck is good and you end up with a Magic Grade costume!


Cheny has updated her vendor list for this month!

Cheny has updated her vendor list for the February update!

Cheny's February Update

Note: The Magic Chance Maker has been renamed to Magic Chance Slate and is only 500 Diamonds. 

Introducing a new Theme Accessory Merchant!

There's a new Loki Merchant in Prontera that will be selling accessory items for players that turn in Pieces of Loki's Dress!

Check out the new Swag Shades at the new vendor!

Loki Theme Merchant 


Jawaii's Wonderland dungeon is now more accessible!

Midgardian engineers have been able to determine a better method for entering the Jawaii Wonderland dungeon.

The item requirements in order to get into Wonderland have been reduced by 60%!

Additionally, the raid dungeon will remain open for 23 hours, up from 12 hours!


The Hourly Attendance Rewards will now give Loki's Cubes!

Loki's Cubes will be replacing the existing hourly rewards. This is how the new system will work:

New Hourly Rewards


Loki's Cube has a random chance to drop one of these items when opened:

Loki's Cube



We now have a Japanese language client option!

Midgardians will now be able to load the client in Japanese if they wish!


The Lunar Festival has ended!

The Lunar Festival has come to a close for this year!

Event coordinators are making sure to put away all Lunar Festival decorations in order to prepare for an upcoming Spring Festival soon! 


February's Lucky Box is on sale!

Sale Period: February 22 - March 2, 2016

February Lucky Box

SALE Price: 210 Kafra Points

This Lucky Box drops four boxes, and each has a random chance to drop an item:

Lucky Box (Tons)


Lucky Box (Heavy)


Lucky Box (Medium)


Lucky Box (Chance Coupons)



We're having a honing sale for one week!

Sale Period: February 22 - March 2, 2016

Honing Item Sale