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Server Merge: Freya and Odin

Worlds will collide on October 26th


We know that the very mention of the word "merge" strikes fear in the hearts of all players, but fear not, we are on the case and we want to make this merge is as smooth as possible. To help make that a reality we will be working hard to try to come up with the best solutions for both communities. So, let's begin!



1. What is going to happen? 

On October 26th, 2015 during maintenance, Freya will be merging into Odin.   


2. What about the economies for both servers? 

We are using a 1:50 exchange ratio for zeny for Freyja players merging into Odin. This means that a Freyja character will retain 2% of their zeny after the merge.

This is based on monitoring both economies. We want to blend the two economies without causing the inflation in Freyja to cause economic damage to Odin’s market.


3. What about guild housing? 

Guild Housing will be doubled from 16 Houses to 32 Houses, and Freyja Guilds that hold houses at the time of the merge will keep their house on Odin after the merge.


4. What will happen to the War of Emperium Castle and Fortress ownership? 

Ownership will be reset on Odin during the October 26th merge.


5. What about the auction house? 

Freyja's auction house will be closed on October 14th, in preparation for the merge. 



6. What about my mail?


Freyja's mail will not be transferred, so make sure you pull all your valuables out of your mailbox prior to the October 26 maintenance!



7. What about my character slots? 

Players can have up to 20 character slots taken after the merge, depending on how many total characters they had during the merge.

For example, if a player has 10 Odin characters and 10 Freyja characters, they will keep 20 after the merge. Players will not be able to make more than 10 characters, and if they delete any characters they will not be able to make another character to regain that slot.


For now this is what we have.  We are still discussing strategies in regards to Seedrune Balance and Card Refinements.   We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information.