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Patch Notes: October 19, 2015

Patch Notes

Patch Notes October 19, 2015

Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.

Weekly Maintenance Time: Monday 6pm- 10pm PST (~4 hours)


Halloween Event: Something Wicked this way comes!

Event Duration: October 19 - November 16, 2015

Midgardians are called to investigate old ruins to help save a village and discover the ultimate secret to a ruined castle!

Those that are level 15 or higher can find Astrior Collins in Prontera to start their adventure:

Astrior Collins

This year's Halloween event brings the following to Ragnarok 2:

- 14 new quests

- 3 Daily Quests after you complete the main storyline.


Helga the Herbalist in Izlude gives [Daily Event] The Soul Collector and rewards an Adventurer's Battle Manual Order!

King Thorolf in Izlude gives [Daily Event] Silly monsters, tricks are for the living and adventurers can choose from 3 Seals of Vulcan, Veriel, Hoenheim, or Demeter

Astrior Collins in Prontera gives [Daily Event] Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf and adventurers can choose from 3 Seals of Vulcan, Veriel, Hoenheim, or Demeter


- A new Khara title, Draugr Slayer, that you can earn by completing the main storyline!

Draugr Slayer will be a suffix title and gives the following effects:

+28 STR, +27 INT, +28 AGI, +12 WIS, and +42 VIT


- A new Halloween Costume Box and Halloween Accessory Box that drop one-slot cosmetic items from the Kafra Shop!

- Creepy Clown invasions that drop Swag Boxes! (Coming October 26)


Light in the Dark

Event Period: October 16 through November 6




As the light of summer fades, the nights grow longer... darker... more frightening. October is the month we celebrate Halloween, and though customs vary from culture to culture, many celebrate this night by creating a lantern-- a light in the dark. Put your artistic and creative skills to work in this event! Carve a pumpkin or create a lantern to help illuminate the darkness and ward off wandering spirits this Halloween night. 





Entries will be accepted from October 16 through November 6.


There are two categories for your entry:


Carved Pumpkin - Carve a pumpkin, a different gourd, or even a turnip. Use your imagination to carve a real (or plastic) illuminated Jack-o-Lantern with an RO2 theme. Example


Lantern - A jar covered in paper, a paper bag, or a milk jug. You can make a lantern out of almost anything! Create a RO2 themed lantern from whatever you have handy. Example


One People's Choice winner per category will be selected. These will each receive one permanent Phantom Racer mount!

Phantom Racer

One Staff Favorite winner will be selected per category. Winners will receive [Pumpkin Cloak] and [Pumpkin Mask] costume items (1 slot). 

Pumpkin Set

Every quality entry will also receive a 7-Day VIP.



Salsa's Spooky Stories!

Event Period: October 2 - October 26, 2015

Tales of haunts, hunts, and tricks, oh my!

Create a spooky story, and it may be read by Njoror and Varitas on an official stream!

We will decide on one story to read for each week. The stream will be on Thursdays at 5-6 PM. At the end of the month, we'll also pick one story or poem to win a grand prize! Story does not have to be picked for reading to be eligible for the grand prize.



Grand Prize (1 winner) will receive a Zombie Costume and Zombie Mask!

Participants will receive one Event Reward Random Box II!


Kirkena's Cosplay Competition!

Event Period: October 2 - October 26, 2015

Do you love to make costumes and dress up? Have you ever wanted to make a costume and dress up as your favorite Ragnarok 2 character? Now's a great time to do it! Miss Kirkena is holding a cosplay contest and will reward the favorite 2 entries with fabulous prizes. Make a costume and submit a picture of it before October 26, 2015 to be entered to win a fabulous Halloween-themed prize!

There are 2 categories:

- Full Costume

- Partial Costume/Props



The 2 Grand Prize winners for Full Costume will receive both:

- Kirkena OR Jack (costume & accessory set) 1-slot tradable versions

- a permanent Halloween mount of their choice (Phantom Racer, Kelberop, Argos).

The 2 Grand Prize winners for Partial Costume / Prop will receive ONE of the following of their choice:

- Kirkena OR Jack (costume & accessory set) 1-slot tradable versions

- a permanent Halloween mount of their choice (Phantom Racer, Kelberop, Argos).

Participation reward: All participants will receive an ERRB2 & a 30-day accessory of choice. The 30-day accessory should already exist. You can check http://ro2.doskoi.org/ to see if it exists. If there are problems with it, we will contact you to ask for another choice.


Halloween Screenshot Contest!

Event Period: October 1 - October 30, 2015

Halloween Screenshot Contest

Good evenings Goblins and Ghouls,

Time to get that photographer in you out once again.   Through the month of October we are running a Halloween Screenshot Contest!  

Don your favorite costume or find the scariest location in Ragnarok Online 2 and share the experience through screenshots!



All participants will receive 3 Phantom Stones. 

However, at the end of the month we will be putting all the entries up to a vote and the top five will also receive: 

- (1) Mount Box

- (1) Random Dye

- (5) Phantom stones instead of the 3

- (1) Super Large Bag


Kafra Shop

Spooktacular Halloween Costume and Accessory Boxes!

Sale Duration: October 19 - November 16, 2015

Halloween Costume Box

Price: 300 Kafra Points

Open this spooktacular Halloween Costume Box, if you dare, for a random chance to receive a 1 slot version of the following:

- Devil Costume (Male)
- Devil Costume (Female)
- Amusement Park Costume (Male)
- Amusement Park Costume (Female)
- Horse Costume (Female)
- Horse Costume (Male)
- Osiris Costume (Male)
- Osiris Costume (Female)
- Angel Costume (Male)
- Angel Costume (Female)
- Halloween Costume (Man)
- Halloween Costume (Woman)
- Jack The Ripper
- Kirkena


Halloween Accessory Box

Price: 200 Kafra Points

Open this spooktacular Halloween Accessory Box, if you dare, for a random chance to receive a 1 slot version of the following:

- Baby Devil's Horn
- Bandage
- Black Cat's Ears
- Corrupted Mask
- Devil Horn
- Egg Ghost
- Halloween Hat
- Horse Mask (Female)
- Horse Mask (Male)
- Phantom of the Opera Mask
- Jack the Ripper Hat
- Kirkena Hat
- Pumpkin Mask
- Pumpkin Cloak
- Bone Dragon's Wing
- Devil Wings
- Angel Ring
- Angel Wing
- Osiris Crown (Male)
- Osiris Crown (Female)
- Osiris Cape (Male)
- Osiris Cape (Female)


Osiris Set Effect

Osiris Set

Collect the Osiris costume and accessory pieces in order to get a set effect!

- (2) +5 STR/AGI/INT/WIS/VIT, +30% Drop Rate, +50 Magic/Physical Attack



New VIP Packs for October!

October Platinum Membership Pack 

Price: 2000 Kafra Points

This Pack will give you the following:

- (1) Elite Membership Card (30 days/Poring)

- (1) Mount Period Extension (30 days)

- (1) Refine Transfer Ticket

- (1) Card Album (30 days)

- (1) Adventure's Pack

- (3) Thief Potions

- (5) Holgren's Honing Polish Box

- (5) Complete Honing Scrubs

- (10) Special Honing Oil (10%)

- (10) Explorer Pack


October Gold Membership Pack 

Price: 900 Kafra Points

This Pack will give you the following:

- (1) Elite Membership Card (30 days)/Poring)

- (1) Card Album (30 days)

- (10) Pump it Up Pills


Refinement Sale for One Week!

Sale Period: October 19 - October 26, 2015

We are listing our refinement items 30% off for one week!

Refinement Sale (30% off!)


September's Alpaca Mount on Sale for One Week!

Sale Period: October 19 - October 26, 2015

Alpaca Mount

Premium Mount Box (Alpaca)

SALE Price: 70 Kafra Points

This box has a chance to drop one of the following:

- Alpaca (Permanent)

- Alpaca (14 days)

- Black Tiger Reins (14 days)

- Tiger Reins (14 days)

- White Tiger Reins (14 days)

- Nippy Peco Peco Rein (14 days)

- Noble Peco Reins (14 days)


Alpaca Reins (30 days)

SALE Price: 280 Kafra Points

Bug Fixes


- Visual and dye issues with the Zombie Mask and Costume should be resolved now

- Arista should be described as female and not male

- Various naming inconsistencies in the War of Emperium map have been fixed