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Public Chat TriviaBot



(Please note this is still in the early stages, many of the details and functionality are subject to change as work continues to complete it)


What is it?


TriviaBot is an automatic interactive trivia game that anyone can participate in, during the scheduled times the bot will ask a random selection of trivia questions in various categories including general knowledge, fill in the blanks, anagrams, and more.


TriviaBot Preview Video


How do I play?


All you need to do to join in is to respond to TriviaBot's questions in public chat with your answer! The first person to answer correctly is awarded a point, and your response time and score are announced for everyone to see. All answers need to be typed out and spelled exactly, any numbers should be answered with digits and not words ("95" and not "ninety five"), however capitalization is not required.


Winning 2 or more questions in a row will initiate a Winning Streak, the bot will announce how many answers you've gotten in a row with different messages depending on how long your streak is.


Breaking another player's Winning Streak by answering a question before them will earn you a streak breaker message, which will change depending on how long of a streak was broken.


Current Trivia Types:

- Anagrams

- General Knowledge

- Monsters

- Skills

- Items

- Name That Card

- Name That Monster Element

- Fill In The Blank

- First And Last Letter

- RO2 Math




TriviaBot currently runs on ODIN public chat (Freyja may be added later), and is active during the following server times, which may be subject to change:


00:00 - 01:00

04:00 - 05:00

08:00 - 09:00

12:00 - 13:00

16:00 - 17:00

20:00 - 21:00


For now, Trivia will not run during 100% of the scheduled hours until work is completed and it runs reliably without supervision.


What do I win?


If everything goes according to schedule, the prize system for Trivia will be launching this Sunday! On Sunday at 05:00 when the weekly scores reset, all current scores will be wiped and the beta for TriviaBot will come to an end. All points earned after that time will be redeemable for prize items according to the table below. Further instructions on how to redeem your prizes will follow soon - the prize redemption system still needs a bit of work but should also be ready within the next few days.




*Items with an asterisk wont be available immediately, until they've been added in an upcoming maintenance.

**all prize items and prices are subject to change


The top 10 scoring players each week, as well as the fastest answer will make it onto the weekly Leader Board.




This leader board updates automatically, press CTRL+F5 to force a refresh of this page if you're seeing an outdated leader board.


Forum Signatures!


You can now show off your high scores and fastest times with these forum signature images, to add one to your signature just head over to your signature editor and paste the code below into your box. Change the text that says "YOURNAME" to your character's name, and hit save.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The bot spelled my name wrong, why has the world forsaken me?

A: The name recognition system is still a work in progress, if your name was identified incorrectly it's best to send TriviaBot a mail to help fix the problem.


Q: I answered a question first but the bot said someone else won, or didn't notice my answer at all, what did I ever do to deserve this?

A: As with names, this functionality is still under development and may throw out some mistakes from time to time. Accuracy should improve over time as I finish resolving any bugs - so please report them by mail if you find them.


Q: How does this thing work, is it really a bot?

A: It really is a bot, and is based on a custom optical character recognition (OCR) system that I wrote. OCR allows the bot to "read" letters and words directly from the RO2 client and react to them accordingly.


Q: Where do the trivia questions come from? Why are there so many anagrams?

A: Most of the current questions were gathered directly from the RO2 game files. The trivia includes a list of all skills, items, monsters, maps, and more currently in it's database. Since other types of questions need to be typed out by hand there aren't quite as many of them (yet).


Q: Can I have a copy of the software? Can I see the source code?

A: No, I wont be releasing any of it since it can be used maliciously or abusively in the wrong hands.


Q: I want to help! Can I help?

A: The only help needed right now is to write lots of questions, if that sounds like something you'd be good at then send me a forum PM.


See more details at on the Official Forum here!