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Servant of Jawaii

Servant of Jawaii


Servant of Jawaii Event

July 6, 2015 to Jawaii’s Release


Servants of Jawaii’s Wonderland are wreaking havoc on Rune-Midgarts! They are up to a familiar trick, stealing rice cakes. Find them in fields to reclaim the purloined rice cakes! Find the Rice Cake Fairy in Prontera to turn in the cakes in for items.


Rice Cake

STR +20, AGI +20, WIL +20,INT +20,Health +20 (10 min duration)

Cactis Rice Cake

HP +500, EXP +5%  (10 min duration)

Mugwort Rice Cake

Physical Attack Power+200,Magical Attack Power +200, Drop rate +5% (10 min duration)

Rice Cake Bag

Physical Attack Power+200 , Magical Attack Power +200,HP +500,EXP +5%, Drop rate +5%, STR +20, AGI +20, WIL +20,INT +20,Health +20 (One Hour effect)


 Rice Cake Fairy

The Rice Cake Fairy will trade:

15 Murgwort Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag

15 Cactis Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag

15 Rice Cakes for 1 Rice Cake Bag

30 Rice Cake Bags for a Traditional Costume Box

15 Rice Cake Bags for a Party Mask Random Box


The Traditional Costume Box gives one item:

Hanbok (M/F)
Kimono (M/F)

Oriental Dress or Suit

These costumes will give you an item drop rate of +10% during the duration of the event.


The Party Mask Random Box gives one item:

Wolf Mask (30 days)

Disciple Mask (30 Days)

Queen Mask (30 Days)

Collapsed Mask (30 Days)

Butterfly Mask (30 Days)

Scream Mask (30 Days)


Use the Rice Cake drop items during the event. They will vanish after the event ends!