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Forgotten Payon

Forgotten Payon


COMING 2/9/2015- Long forgotten and left to run wild, Payon’s ruins have revealed a new region full of fearsome monsters and challenges for players in Rune-Midgarts! Join your fellow player on an adventure into the remains of Payon and level to new heights!


Payon Well





Find the Old Well in Payon's Ruins to begin your journey into Forgotten Payon.


This new area is teeming with monsters and drops for master level characters to combat! The master level cap has risen to ML 35 with the addition of this new region in the game.


Payon Maiden







New armor sets and weapons are available in this new area for Master Level players!


Earn tokens for Eddga gear from monster drops and daily quests. Get lucky with rare drops of Eddga gear off area bosses as well!



Payon Tree

Speak with new NPCs, challenge field monsters, and fight bosses in the 80-85 level range.



You can now trade for Cazar gear to equip yourself for venturing into Payon! Visit NPC Hansu in Prontera to trade in Blood points or Victory Metals. Visit NPC Jado in Morroc to trade in Mastery Points. Buy pieces of gear directly or take your chance with a random box!


Runes have been overhauled and now give out fixed number stats rather than stats based on percentages.


This new area is tough, so come prepared! Bring your allies and fight to reclaim the ruins of a once beautiful city.



The fearsome Eddga awaits you in Forgotten Payon!

Are you prepared?