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Jawaii Wonderland

A new region is unveiled in Ragnarok Online 2!


Join us on a journey to Jawaii, the Wonderland…


500 years before Ragnarok, the kind and loving goddess Frigg fought to save the world from suffering. Despite her best efforts, she could not end all suffering in the world. Her heart grew weak and it became too hard for her to bear. To end her suffering she removed her heart and banished it to an icy prison out in the middle of the ocean where no one would ever disturb it. However, her heart was still warm and began to melt the ancient glacier, eventually creating a beautiful pair of islands.

At the time of Ragnarok, Frigg hid Jawaii to protect it from the onslaught of war.


Years later, a portal suddenly opened in Alberta and workers began to vanish! King Reinhard of Rune-Midgarts sent groups to search for the missing workers, but all failed to find the missing men.

Alberta Portal

Out of nowhere, one worker returned and told of a magical Wonderland he had been transported to…


Jawaii is split into two tropical islands located in the Alberta territory.  Villagers live peacefully on Jawaii’s Love Island to the north where a volcano eruption created high vista views perfect for lovers to enjoy! The closeness to Frigg’s heart keeps the island warm and comfortable. To make it to Love Island you must first traverse Ocean Island. Once there, locals may tell you of a legend of a wonderland trail once overrun with adventurers that has now been sealed closed. Perhaps you can discover the truth behind the rumors…

Around the island, Frigg’s marks are still visible.

Love Island

Frigg’s beloved fairies live to the south of Love Island on Jawaii’s Ocean Island in big open fields. After a dimensional crack opened near the island oasis, these fairies and creatures were affected by the unnatural forces released by the crack. They’ve grown huge and aggressive!

All monsters on Jawaii Ocean Island are elite. Due to the dimensional crack affecting the area, there are no normal monsters living on its beaches or fields.

Ocean Island

Field bosses can be found around Jawaii for you to challenge and special titles can be acquired by defeating each one. The boss monster Blop has a chance of dropping new equipment!

13 new cards are obtainable in Jawaii!


New Content!

- All New Maps (Ocean Island, Love Island, and Jawaii Wonderland)

- A World Event

- The Seal of Guardian System

- Instance Dungeon

- Cards, Gear, and more!