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Morroc War of Emperium

Morroc WOE

The War of Emperium is a guild versus guild siege battle. Your fellow guild members are your battle allies while members of other guilds are your enemies. All the guilds participating will have to compete with each other to attack and take the fortress.

Siege weapons and defensive items will be at your disposal! Attackers gain an advantage by taking smaller Emperiums that will provide your guild with unique buffs. Once the gates are destroyed, attacking guilds will face off against guardians protecting the main fortress Emperium. The guild that destroys the Emperium become the new owners, and will be the defenders of their spoils in the next round of the War of Emperium.


Morroc WoE Castle

War of Emperium Times

Thursday at 3:00pm PDT

Sunday at 9:00am PDT


Features of Morroc War of Emperium

There are 3 starting points. You can use the flight Kafra service at each entrance during battle.

There are two castles and one fortress that can be sieged. The fortress is closed by 3 gates.

The western castle has an orb that when destroyed will open the eastern gate to the fortress. Destroying the orb in the east castle will open the western gate.

The fortress has 2 key positions, the upper level and bottom level. The top level can be accessed through the western and eastern towers.

Destroying the southern gate will allow players into the lower level that houses the fortress Emperium.

The Garden is north of the fortress and houses various monsters and a boss.

 Morroc WoE Garden


Players must be in a guild.
Guilds that are inside or outside of the fortress can participate.
Guilds that own the fortress will can be warped inside the fortress they hold. Guilds that do not own the fortress will be warped to the battlefield.

Talk to the WoE entrance NPCs in Morroc to enter. 

Knight Head Shun will allow players to warp to fortresses.

Knight Subdirector Gyle allows players to warp to one of three starting points.


 Taking over the Fortress

Ownership of the fortress is determined by destroying the Emperium. If multiple guilds are assaulting the Emperium, the guild with the most damage dealt will claim the fortress.

Morroc WoE Boss


Guild Robes

Guild members are given robes to distinguish themselves from other guilds during War of Emperium.

The color of the robes is random when first used. Guilds can get different colors for their robes by purchasing new robes and using them.

Guilds can earn different styles of robes by participating in War of Emperium daily quests and earning tokens. They can be bought from the robe merchant next to the guild manager.


Morroc WoE Castle





Fortress Benefits

-Guardian NPCs

-Kafra Services

-Warp Points

-Repair Machines

-Siege Catapults (one guild member can buy up to 10 siege catapults) This feature is open to all players.


-Castle Occupation Buff (Increases Max HP by 1,000; Increases movement speed by 15%)

-Fortress Occupation Buff (Increases Max HP by 500; Increases movement speed by 13%)

-Tax Administer: Guild will receive 10% of the Zeny spent at all NPC merchants.


PvP Zone
In the War of Emperium zone. PvP is open. Players can kill other players to earn Blood Points. However, unlike the Colosseum, players will lose Blood Points upon death.

Morroc WoE Castle