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Guild Vault

War of Emperium Castle and Fortress owners will now have access to an exclusive Guild Vault, where guild members can enter and fight the Mimic for great rewards! 


Winning guilds will be able to enter the Guild Vault through the Guild Vault Manager NPC. These NPCs will be located in War of Emperium, and throughout different villages. The Guild Vault Manager can only be used by the guilds (and their members) owning the Castle or Fortresses.


Once a guild loses the Castle or Fortress, any remaining members inside the Guild Vault will be transported to Prontera.


The following NPCs will be located inside the Guild Vault. 

    -Kafra Service

    -Master Level

    -Guild Manager

    -Robe Merchant

    -Merchant Master

    -Storage Service

    -Potion Merchant

    -Repair expert


The following items will be dropped randomly from "Full Mimic" in the Fortress Guild Vaults or "Giant Poring" in the Castle Guild Vault. These bosses will respawn every day at 3:00am PDT.