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Morroc City and Dayr Desert


In the year 1204 M.C. (Midgard Century), there was a great war between the Giants and Gods. The continent of Midgard collapsed under the destructive force the fire giants from the world of Muspelheim, under the command of the Jotunn, Surt. They were confronted by the king of the gods, Odin, and Jaoong, and were eventually defeated. The devastation caused by the battle caused the Dayr Ocean to be turned into an arid desert, covered in the dead bodies of the Muspel giants.


The defeated giants’ bodies eventually changed over time, becoming minerals known now as Pilanium, holding some of the power that fueled Surt’s fiery sword. As time went by, many tribes started to create Pilanium mines, as well as searched for any Muspel artifacts left behind. This led to much conflict among the tribes, each vying for power by seeking these rare resources.




Morroc City is a desert city in the southwest part of the Midgard continent. This area gets plenty of water due to being located in the center of the desert. 


In the past, cities were established near the center of Oasis, and there were no issues with the water supply. However, since Oasis dried up after the revival of Satan Morroc, they were forced to use an artificial oasis which was created from the massive Iris Lake located between Prontera and Morroc.


Dayr Desert


The Dayr Desert is located in the Southwest part of the Midgard continent. If you wanted to be more exact, it is located in the northern part of Morroc City near the border of Geffen and Morroc. The desert isn’t completely lifeless here, since grass has been able to grow.


There is an embankment in the southern part which is assumed to have been built when the Dayr Desert was actually an Ocean. Aside from this location, the other three sides are surrounded by crags and dry land, with the Icarus Highlands just over the northern crag.


Elemental Temples


These temples are located in different areas of the Dayr Desert, and were made by the humans after the Great War between the fire giants and gods, as a place to worship beings greater than themselves. There are statues located in these temples that appear to be combinations of fire giants and gods.