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Ranking System

Ranking System



The Ranking System is a great new way to reward players. Those who are ranked 1st in any one of the categories will have their likeness modeled into a statue in Prontera, as well as recieve an Indigenous Accessory Box. The rankings and models will reset everyday. These statues will also sell different buffs to players for 12 zeny each. Players can use only one of these buffs at a time, and all buffs last for an hour. 


To get to the Rankings Window, please "CTRL+R". It will bring up the current Ranking statistics. 


Clicking on the right arrow buttom will take you to the Master Ranking page.




Categories for Daily Ranks




Condition: Use the most Kafra Flying System 

Buff: 5% increase in Vigor and Haste rate

Rank #1 Indigenous Accessory Box: Symbol of Free Spirit



Martial Artist

Condition: Most Blood Points acquired

Buff: 15% increase in Critical Rate

Rank #1 Indigenous Accessory Box: Real Big Shot




Condition: Most monsters killed that are within 5 levels of the player

Buff: 15% increase in Drop Rate

Rank #1 Indigenous Accessory Box: Phtantom Mask




Condition: Most cards collected

Buff: 10% increase in STR/AGI/VIT/INT/WIS

Rank #1 Indigenous Accessory Box: Card Hat for Cards


If you are placed #1-#1000 in one of the Daily Ranking categories, you can get special rewards. 

       #1: 1 Indigenous Accessory Box and 1 Chance Coupon Box (Accessories last for 24 hours)

       #2-#5: 1 Chance Coupon Box

       #6-#10: 1 Lucky Powder Box

       #11-#100: 3 Phantom Stones

       #101-#1000: 3 Spinel Potions


Categories for Weekly Ranks


The Gladiator

Condition: Most Colosseums won in a week


The Fantastic 3

Condition: Most Jehoon matches won in a week


Master Crafter

Condition: Top 5 characters who crafted their items the most in a week. You can get more crafting points by crafting high quality items or by using the craft agent (personal shop) to craft items for other people. 

Ranks #1 to #5:  You can get the Master Crafter Title and 7-day Master's Gold Label Menu (when you craft items, you will have a higher chance of creating higher quality items (5%))


Master Refiner

Condition: Top 5 characters who refined their items the most in a week. You can get more refine points by refining high quality items or by using the refine agent (personal shop) to help others refine their weapons.

Ranks #1 to #5: You can get the Master Refiner Title and 7-day Holegran's Gold Hammer +3 (gives a 5% bonus refine success rate. +2 grade gives a 10% bonus refine success rate)


Honing Master

Condition: Top 5 characters who honed their items the most in a week. You can get more honing points by honing high quality items.

Ranks #1 to #5: When you hone your items, there will be a better chance of getting better options and stats. You will also get the Honing Master title.