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Tomb of Osiris

Tomb of Osiris


This mysterious temple was built by Baltazar Hatsan, the lord of Morroc City. The Tomb’s secrets have yet to be fully discovered, as very few mercenaries have had the fortitude to venture into this crypt.


Osiris was the leader of the Solvive Empire, which was the most prosperous nation before Morroc. He led the empire with great charisma and presence, but was killed after being poisoned by his brother Set, who was envious of his brother’s success. Following this, Set took over the Solvive Empire. Where Osiris was known as The Great King, Set earned the moniker, King of Blood, for killing any of the Solvive people who opposed him.


Valkyrie Himmelmez, one of the twelve Valkyries of Freyja, resurrected Osiris using her immense power. However, the resurrected Osiris was not the great King from before, but now a commander of demons, obsessed with sending heroes to their death using the Blade of Despair. When the Goddess Freyja was locked away, Osiris, too, was locked away into eternal darkness.



Anubis, Guardian of the Tomb, awaits new heroes.



Mysterious being in the Tomb of Osiris. It seems to be related to Osiris, somehow.


Ragnarok 2 Osiris Dungeon Go to the marked location on the map to visit the Osiris Dungeon.