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Master Level

Master Level




Once you have achieved level 50 in both your class and profession you can continue to expand your capabilities with the Master System.  Offering nearly infinite customizability of your equipment, Stat and Skills choices, the Master Level system will expand your capabilities beyond anything you’ve seen before!


Unique equipment, skills and going over the normal limits of your class are all options available using the newly earned mastery points, which replace EXP for Master Level characters.  To make sure your equipment is also as powerful as you will be, the refinement system is revamped to allow higher and easier to obtain upgrade levels.  Allowing +20 to be available, and for each +1 to be worth quite a bit more combat improvement than the current system.


Crafters and Raiders also have more reason to celebrate, with new recipes for crafting new Master Level only equipment using raid gear as ingredients both more active raiding options and crafting demand will be available too.




Start your Master Level journey at the Road of Blessed:


To go to Morroc City, head towards the portal located at the left side of the map.


Below is a map of Morroc City. 


. NPC's Gilgamesh  and Dapara will be in the location circled on the map.  


Click on the Master Level button to recieve the quest from NPC Gilgamesh. You can also visit him when you level up or rank up. After you have completed the quest, you will become Master Level and can start accumulating Mastery Points.



You have the ability to spend Mastery Points. You need to spend them to level up and rank up, or you can choose to spend them on special items. 

Currently there is a Mastery Point cap, preventing you from getting more Mastery Points until you level up or spend it. 

For Master Rank D (Master Levels 1-10), the cap is at 20,000 MP. 

For Master Rank C (Master Levels 11-20), the cap is at 50,000 MP. 


Should you choose to spend your Mastery Points on items, you can visit NPC Dapara located right next to NPC Gilgamesh. Dapara sells Skill Points (for 11,900 Mastery Points), Stat Points (for 2,990 Mastery Points), Polinium (for refining items), and many other items used for crafting. 


Remember that is is possible to lose Mastery Points upon death from monsters. Dying will remove 5% of the Mastery Points required for your next level. For example, if a Master Level 1 requires 1,000 Mastery Points to get to Master Level 2, upon death you can lose up to 50 Mastery Points. 


. There is now a new insurance item called "Divine Protection". It will give a 60 minute protection buff from the death penalty. It is available through the Daily Reward System, and is in addition to what is already in the Daily Reward System. In a future update, "Divine Protection" will be a crafted item in-game.

There are a few ways you can gain Mastery Points. Aside from the main quests, you can also participate in Daily Quests. You can also gain Mastery Points by farming in Dayr Desert or the Tomb of Osiris. These monsters usually drop many crafting items and designs needed to create strong Master Level gear. Mastery Points can also be obtained through crafting. 


Once you are Master Level, you will acquire a new skill called "Ymir Child". Using the skill will transform your character for a temporary time into one of the following:


Ymir Child: Cthulhu (for Rogues and Assassins)

Ymir Child: Gaia (for Rangers and Beastmasters)

Ymir Child: Nightmare (for Sorcerors and Wizards)

Ymir Child: Paladin (for Warriors and Knights)

Ymir Child: Seraphim (for Monks and Priests)