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Winter Spectacular Loading Screens

Winter Spectacular Loading Screens Contest

The smell of winter is in air and to celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we are looking for some new Holiday or Winter Ragnarok 2 themed loading screens to be implement in game for a limited time. 


Here are the rules:


-It has to follow the theme of Winter, Christmas, or New Year and has to be Ragnarok 2 related

-The size minimum is  1920x1080  . However, the bigger the better. When you post your image in the forum, it does not have to be this size. Do send Zanbee the original image file in a private message as well when you enter your submission. 

-File should be in DDS format. We will also accept PSD or JPG formats.

-The work has to be original and created entirely by the entrant. Modified in-game screenshots allowed.

-Has to be appropriate for all ages

-Entries will be accepted until 12/1. 

-All entries will be posted into a Facebook album. 

-To enter, please submit your images into this thread or via FB message:  http://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/136504-winter-spectacular-ls-entry-thread/

-Please include your IGN along with your submission.



There will be 4 winners to be determined by the Warpportal staff. 

Winners will get a Temporary Mount, and the Viking Costume set. 

Participatory prize: TBD. 


Have a fantastic time! 



*This event is subject to change at anytime.