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Ragnarok Online Lyrical Masterpiece Challenge


Vocali's Barbershop Quartet presents their "Lyrical Masterpiece Challenge!" Have you ever dreamed of hearing Zanbee and Njoror sing 'Ice Ice Titans'? Create your own lyrics themed around Ragnarok Online based upon your favorite.. or most hated, Holiday/Winter Themed songs! The top song will be sung by select WP staff members. It will have Swag!


Here are the rules:

1. Create Ragnarok related and inspired lyrics to a notable holiday song. Please write lyrics to a whole song.

2. It has to be appropriate for all ages, and cannot contain any profanity, mature or racist themes, etc. 

3. Please use this format when submitting:

    Character Name (IGN) and Server:

    Name of Song Used + Link to Existing Video or Original Song:

    Name of Your Song:


    (Optional) Bonus Video/Audio:

4. In addition to submitting the Lyrics, you may also win a Bonus Prize if you record yourself singing the lyrics you wrote. 

5. Warpportal will select the winning song, and if things go well, will perform the song. 

6. Please submit entries via our forum thread here: http://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/137021-ro2-lyrical-masterpiece-challenge/

7. The last day to submit will be 12/4. 



The Grand Prize Winner will get a permanent Mount and a permanent Santa Set (costume+wings+hat). 

(Only one of each prize per account.)


*Prizes and rules subject to change at anytime.