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Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Concept

King Reinhard of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom has sent the Knights of Twilight and Knightage of Dawn to the Fallen Fortress to take it back. The Knights battled fiercely with the powerful monsters in the middle of the blood battlefield. During this time, some of them discovered a dimensional crack by following the small stream, but this one was different from any before.

When King Reinhard heard the report, he knew that the dimensional crack had something to do with what occured at the Fallen Fortress. Elite Knights, chosen by the king himself, attempted to enter the suspicious dimensional crack. None of the Elite Knights that attemped were ever seen from again.

Finally, King Reinhard decided to recruited the heroes who have Ymir's heart piece. It is now up to you to discover its secrets by stepping through the crack and into another world, Vanaheim.


Chaos Dungeon Entrance

How to Enter Chaos Dungeon

Players will have to talk with King Reinhard in Prontera Castle to get started. He will offer a quest on how to enter the Chaos Dungeon.

King Reinhard will request players gather special items that can be obtained from boss monsters from previous raid dungeons. Players will have to defeat the boss monster from each raid dungeon in Hard Mode to obtain the required quest items.

When players complete King Reinhard's quest, they will be allowed to enter Chaos Dungeon. The entrance is located in the western side of the Fallen Fortress.

King Reinhard


Horn of Baphomet Baphomet Garden of Baphomet (Hard)
Stick of Prana Prana of Purification Arena (Hard)
Whisker of Kremp Rat Master Kremp Culvert of Abyss (Hard)
Antenna of Maya Maya Abaddon of Despair (Hard)



Zadorak Warlock

A sorcerer of the Zadorak kin. They use dark forces to practice powerful magic. A diabloical power which is more powerful than any other demon in the Midgard continent.

Zadorak Warlock

Elder Willow

Originally, the Elder Willow was a tree that grew in another world. But it gained dark power by consuming the evil magic of the Zadorak Warlock. That power is much more powerful than what the Zadorak expected.

Elder Willow


Originally, the Pokihoki was the leader of the Goblins. Before the Dimensional Crack appeared in the Fallen Fortress, he felt a strange energy and went out to explore with his followers, but that was also his last appearance. He came a monster that destroys everything by consuming the evil magic of the Zadorak Warlock.


Moonlight Flower Phosa

The Moonlight Flower Phosa used to shine brightly. However, her shine was lost after consuming the Power of Darkness. The Moonlight Flower Phosa was reborn, and this time she absorbed the dark energy force, unaware that she has been driven by Vanaheim.

Moonlight Flower Phosa

Shark Drake

The "Red Shark" is the captain of an airship that haunted uninvited visitors in the other world. Many heroes of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom have lost their lives under his sword. You will have to release the spirit of heroes that he has captured.

Shark Drake

Monroe and Phorokan

Monroe and Phorokan are hero explorers who explored the Chaos Dungeon earlier. They managed to enter the deeper side of the Chaos Dungeon while escaping from the chase of Shark Drake, but were corrupted by the evil energy of Vanaheim.

Their souls have been captured by the darkness, just like any other demons of Vanaheim. It is up to the players to save their souls now.


New Seed Rune Equipment

This update also bring new and stronger equipment, dropped by the bosses inside of Chaos Dungeon.

Unlike equipment dropped by other bosses, the new Seed Rune Equipment contains a special rune slot called the Seed Rune Slot. A special, specific type of rune can be inserted into the Seed Rune Slot.

There are 3 types of colors that can be inserted into the Seed Rune Slot:


Blue Seed Rune

Red Seed Rune

Green Seed Rune


Each color rune contains different special abilities and various stats. Seed Rune Equipment can only be obtained from the Chaos Dungeon. The Seed Runes, however, can be obtained from either the Fallen Fortress or the Chaos Dungeon.

Random bonuses will be given when players insert a colored seed rune into their equipment.

Red Seed Rune Blue Seed Rune Green Seed Rune


Blue Seed Rune: Increases the primary stats of the equipment. Example: STR, AGI, INT, etc.

Red Seed Rune: Increases the secondary stats of the equipment. Example: Hit Rate, Vigor Rate, Critical Rate, etc.

Green Seed Rune: Adds 1 Special Ability to equipment


Special Abilities of the Green Seed Rune:


Power: Increases damage done to enemies

Shock: Has a chance to stun an enemy with every attack

Panic: Has a chance to make an enemy panic with every attack

Curse: Has a chance to curse the enemy with every attack

Armor: Decreases damage received

Shield: Has a chance to increase defense when receiving damage

Dis: Has a chance to make a debuff invalid when a debuff is applied to the player

Wind: Increases movement speed

Cure: Has a chance to recover after receiving damage