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Fallen Fortress


Fallen Fortress

Dimensional cracks have appeared in Rune-Midgarts, and are now acting as portals for demons to pass through. Help King Reinherdt and the Knight Templars get rid of these demons and regain the Fallen Fortress. 



Fallen Fortress is a new hunting ground for level 50 players where you can wage a battle against new and familiar demons.

It is recommended to go through the Fallen Fortress with a party.


To start your journey, talk to Zera's Hyperion in Prontera and accept the quest. 

Find Flame Lucy and she will teleport you to the Fallen Fortress map.


In the Fallen Fortress map, you will meet some Templars who will assist you. 

Timothy, Templar of the Hyperion

Joel, Templar of the Twilight



 Defeat the various monsters that are around the Dimensional portals. Defeat the Immortals to collect Dimensional Pieces, which can be exchanged for a Dimensional Crystal. 

Players won't be alone in this quest. At some points, the Templars will join in on the fight. 



The Dimension Immortal is one monster that will stand in your way to the Queen. When you first meet him, he will use his power to make himself unable to take damage. However, his magical shield will be deactivated when you use a Dimensional Crystal.Defeat him and he will drop Inanity Pieces, that can then be exchanged from an NPC for an Inanity Crystal.

Once you have the Inanity Crystal, meet the Queen of Destruction at the center of the fortress. Like the Dimension Immortal, when you first meet her she won't take any damage. Use the Inanity Crystal to bring down her magical shield.