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Additional Maintenance Patch Notes

Patch Notes – 7/18/13

*Will update as more notes come in

     a.Issue of players not seeing Blood Points in the Character Window has been fixed.

     a.Graham Potions will have a chance to drop from Pandora’s Boxes when using a 
Pandora’s Mallet now, as well as a Pandora’s Key.

     a.Elite Scarecrows in PvP Arena have had the experience they give adjusted.
     b.Dazzling Trace Crystal (II), (III), (IV), and (V) will no longer drop from Pandora’s Box or monsters.

     a.Guardians, Emperiums, and Gate can no longer be attacked with the Half Life skill.

     a.Character’s legs becoming invisible when using Wind Leather Leggings has been fixed.
     b.Female characters who use Beach Hat accessory will no longer have to worry about their head poking out of the hat.

     a.Whisper: Issue where player saw their own name when someone else whispered them has been fixed.
     b.Problem where players who eat, sit, and apply a costume are stuck in a sitting position is now fixed.
     c.Crash issue when killing Executioner Meister in Fortress of Sandarman has been fixed.
     d.Frame Rate decrease issue has been fixed.
     e.Dungeon crash issue has been resolved.
     f.Colosseum crash issue has been resolved.
     g.Falling under the map when entering or exiting Colosseum or dungeon or using butterfly wing has been resolved.
     h.In Game Setting option, “Switch Target (Preset: Tab)” has had the “Monster” changed to “Enemy”. Option is meant to target all enemies with tab-targeting, including players if they are PvPing.
     i.Chat channels have had the level 15 requirement re-instated.
     j.Emoticon and damage/healing numbers have had their height adjusted.
     k.Warning message with show when player tries to change cards.
     l.Issue of dead monster’s name still showing has been fixed.
     m.“Object Blocking Target” message showing up when a Ranger uses a skill on an opponent who is located higher or lower than the ranger has been fixed.

     a.Various text issues have been fixed

8. Blood points lost from 7/10-7/17 will be restored.

9. Quests
     a. "You Are Not Alone" quest items have been inserted.