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COMPLETE: WoE Test Season Events

WoE Test Season Events


     To celebrate the release of Test WoE, we have organized many WoE related events for everyone to enjoy! There is a big emphasis on guilds for the War of Emperium, so there are many guild related events. Please check below for more information. 


 Test Season WOE Schedule

7/31/2013 to 8/7/2013


5pm PDT


Please click on the pictures to go to the specific event page. Details on prizes and rules will be posted there. 



Guild Exp Surge

Date: 7/3-7/17

     Guilds will receive 2x the normal guild experience from guild member donations to help them prepare for the War of Emperium.

Guild EXP Surge


All Your Base Are Belong To Us

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Date: 7/10- 8/7

     Within the War of Emperium test month, we want to reward those guilds who have successfully won War of Emperium. The top five guilds with the most wins will receive top prizes, while all guilds with at least one win will receive a participation prize.


Top 3 Guilds: Real World Prizes

Top 5 Guilds: In-game prizes

Participation (each week): Explorer Potions


The Inquisitive Guild

Date: 7/10-8/7

     The guild that completes the most amount of quest objectives on the War of Emperium map between War of Emperium battles wins a unique reward.

Reward: Unique, quest-themed cape

The Inquisitive Guild


King of the Emp

King of the Emp

Date: August 4

     For the first three weeks of the War of Emperium Test Month, it’s a free-for-all. Then, on the final week, we hold a tournament for the Top 4 Guilds who have won the most amount of War of Emperiums from the first three weeks.

Reward: Hall of Honor Showcase for Guild, VIP Package, and unique PvP-themed cape.



Grand Melee

Date: August 3, 12:00-12:00am PDT (24 hours)

     For 24 hours, War of Emperium will rage on continuously, with no win attainable for the full 24 hours. This will be a grueling competition against the best individual PvPers and PvP guilds. Those who are able to rack up the most amount of player kills and emperium breaks will be rewarded with unique rewards.

Reward: Unique,WoE-themed Cape and real world rewards.

Grand Melee