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Culvert of Abyss

Culvert of Abyss

Verta DeltaCulvert of Abyss Map

Raid Level: 50

Enter Condition: Delivery Key Quest Complete

Bosses: Rockstar Heroes, Golden Robberbug, Mini & Mongi, Aromine, and Ratmaster Kremp


Rockstar Heroes


Use fans!

Rockstar Heroes First Stage

When you enter battle with the Rockstar Heroes, each Rockstar will summon a crazy fan. They will become stronger as time goes on. After a certain amount of time passes, the crazy fans will evolve to groupies and they will attack the Rockstar Heroes. It depends on the party to kill them or wait until they become and ally and attack the bosses. It’s your choice.


Band Reunion + Peak of Higlight

Rockstar Heroes Stage Two

After a certain amount of time, the Rockstar Heroes will use a warp skill called “Band Reunion”. Each named monster will teleport to a fixed location and start to cast using “Peak of Highlight”. After they finish casting, the named monster will use a wide area attack. It is important that the party figures out the mlocation of the 3 named monsters and move to the location where the Peak of Highlight cannot reach.


Golden Robberbug


Quickly Kill Baby Robberbug

Red Robberbug First Stage

Golden Robberbug’s eggs are set up around the Golden Robberbug in a circle. When the battle begins, new-born robberbugs will appear every so often from the eggs. If you don’t kill the new-born robberbug quickly, they will evolve into a growing robberbug and then to a complete grown robberbug. Complete grown robberbugs use long distance attacks that are random, so it is important to finish them off before they fully grow.


Figure out Color of Aura

Red Robberbug Stage Two

When Golden Robberbug’s HP reaches a certain point, Golden Robberbug will have one of three types of auras (red/blue/gold). Golden Robberbug will have a different effect for each aura:


Red Aura

Movement speed slows and Golden Robberbug’s attack power becomes very strong.

Tanks will need to move to avoid large amounts of damage.


Blue Aura

Movement speed speeds up and Golden Robberbug’s attack power becomes weak.

At certain points, Golden Robberbug will target a random raid member to attack.


Gold Aura

Golden Robberbug becomes invincible for a certain amount of time.

When the Gold Aura appears, you will see a special type of floor has been created.

The tank should taunt Golden Robberbug to this floor. When Golden Robberbug steps on this floor, it will remove the invincibility status and buff the raid members attack power and speed increase while on the floor.


Mini & Mongi


After killing DJ Juniors, quickly kill Speaker

MiniMongi First Stage

When you enter the boss rom, you can see 3 speakers are around Mini & Mongi.

Speaker is basically unbeatable, and DJ Juniors are protecting Speaker.

When the battle begins, because Speaker makes a buff that increases the attack power and defensive skill of Mini & Mongi, you must kill DJ Juniors quickly. Destroying the Speaker is up to the raid groups’ preference.


Eardrum Damage Buff

MiniMongi Stage Two

Among the various skills that Mini & Mongi have, they will sometimes have an Eardrum Damage Debuff.

Once the Eardrum Damage Debuff accumulates to three stacks on a player, they will die. Always check the debuff on the upper right hand side of the screen. The tank has a high possibility of accumulating this debuff, and should be switched with another tank before three stacks.




Destroy Seal Stone

Aromine Stage One

There are three Seal Stones around Aromine’s place, and they make Aromine unbeatable.

Destroy the three Seal Stones to make Aromine beatable, and then you can do battle with Aromine.


Spread Out When Kobug Lord Appears

Aromine Stage Two

When Aromine’s health decreases under a certain level, Kobug Lord will be summoned.

It is impossible to tank Kobug Lord since Kobug Lord will change targets periodically.

It is better to focus your attack on Aromine to avoid being attacked by Kobug Lord.


Rat Master Kremp


Quickly Kill When Turtle Assassins Appear

Ratmaster Kremp Stage One

When the battle starts with Rat Master Kremp, Ratmaster becomes unavailable to attack and summons Leo, the Turtle Assassin.

When Leo’s health decreases to a certain level, Leo will summon other Turtle Assassins.

If you can’t defeat them quickly enough, you will have to fight Rat Master with four Turtle Assassins.

The goal should be to defeat the Turtle Assassins quickly.


Core of Energy and Fragment of Energy

During battle, when Rat Master Kremp’s health decreases below a certain level, Core of Energy will be summoned.

Destroy Core of Energy quickly since it will increase Kremp’s attack power periodically.

When Core of Energy is destroyed, it will create Fragment of Energy around the area. This Fragment of Energy will use a damage and defense decrease debuff together. Therefore, melee classes should avoid the area when Core of Energy is destroyed and ranged classes should take care of Fragment of Energy.


Shadow of Abyss

Ratmaster Kremp Stage Three

Shadow of Abyss is summoned when Rat Master Kremp’s health is really low.

Targets attacked by Shadow of Abyss will die instantly. Always be aware of where the Shadow of Abyss is to avoid it quickly.