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Costume and Accessory Fusion

Costume and Accessory Fusion

Are costumes taking up too much space in your bags? Well, we have a solution. Two new items in the Kafra Shop will allow players to combine costumes and accessories for a chance to get new ones with rune sockets.

Costume Fusion Tablet Kafra  Kafra Accessory Fusion Tablet



The tablets are specific to the items. You can combine costumes with the Costume Accessory Fusion Tablet and accessories with the Accessory Fusion Tablet. You cannot combine costumes using the Accessory tablet and vice versa. 

This is the window that pops up after clicking on the Costume Fusion Tablet. When you fuse two items, you will get the opportunity to win a random costume.

Costume Fusion Window

The three slots at the top are for additional items. These additional items are Appearance Maintain Slate (An ingredient to maintain the appearance of rare costume) and Rune Maintain Slate (An ingredient to maintain the runes inside the costume). 

*Make sure that the item has runes in the sockets when using a Rune Maintain Slate, or the rune slots can be lost in the fusion process.

Appearance Maintain Slate Description

Rune Maintain Slate Description

Once you have placed your two costumes, and any additional slates, click combine.

Costume Fusion Window Full

In this case, using an Appearance Maintain Slate was able to keep the appearance of the Gothic Loli costume.

Costume Fusion Gothic Loli Success