Ragnarok 2 - Free To Play Online MMORPG Game


To all the Ragnarok 2 Fans.

Hello to all RO2 fans, 


My name is Jay Choi, VP and COO of Gravity Interactive/WarpPortal. 


Today, we made big mistakes as you all saw.  Whatever the original intention we had, it was not carried out properly and it is totally our fault that we unintentionally mislead the community by not providing proper information as we should have. 


We know there is no way to turn it back or make it up completely.  As a company who’s been living with fans of RO and other titles for 10 years, we should have done much better but we failed. There is no excuse and I sincerely would like to apologize.


Our effort to fix and correct our mistake might not be perfect, but we will listen to the community for straight forward suggestions to improve. Do not give up RO2. You are Ragnarok 2. 


There are lots of games vying for your attention, but you have chosen RO2 and we will do our best to be deserving of your time and devotion. 


Thank you for reading this and I wish to convey our sincerest apology again.