Ragnarok 2 - Free To Play Online MMORPG Game


Play the Game, Get Rewards to Claim!

Play the Game, Get Rewards to Claim!


We are introducing a new system that allows you to get rewarded for time spent playing the game.

When you log in on June 5th, you will see a new icon next to your minimap that will show an icon and countdown timer. Once that countdown timer reaches zero, you will earn your first reward!

Countdown Button

By clicking on the timer, you will be presented with an option to send the item to your Temporary Box Storage. From there, any of the characters on your account can benefit from the item.

Explorer Red Potion Reward


The countdown timer will keep the same count regardless of what character you decide to switch to on your account.


The hourly rewards are the following:

After 1st Hour: Explorer Red Potion x1

Explorer Red Potion Icon

Explorer Red Potion Description


After 2nd Hour: Spinel Repair Kit x1

Spinel Repair Kit Icon

Spinel Repair Kit Description


After 3rd Hour: Screw Fin Cocktail x1

Screw Fin Cocktail Icon

Screw Fin Cocktail Description


For the fourth hour and every hour following, the player will receive another Screw Fin Cocktail.


Additionally, there is reward system for players who log in consistently.

For each consecutive day a player logs in, they get closer to more rewards. Players who log in will be presented with the new Attendance Check screen that will show a growing plant, getting closer to the top after each consecutive day they are logged in.


After the first day, you can claim your first reward:

Attendance Day One


After receiving your item for the first day, and logging in the next day, you will see your plant start to reach the next reward:

Attendance Day Two


The rewards for the daily Attendance Check are the following:

After the 1st Day: Wind Elixir x5

Wind Elixir Icon

Wind Elixir Description


After the 2nd Day: Red Potion (VI) x10

Red Potion VI Icon

Red Potion VI Description


After the 3rd Day: Spinel Purple Potion x3

Spinel Purple Potion Icon

Spinel Purple Potion Description


After the 4th Day: Movement Speed Elixir x3

Movement Speed Elixir Icon

Movement Speed Elixir Description


After the 5th Day: Heavenly Sausage x1

Heavenly Sausage Icon

Heavenly Sausage Description


For every day after the 5th day that a player logs in, without missing a day, they will receive another Heavenly Sausage. 

If a player skips a day, then the plant is reset, and they start over.


We hope this new reward system helps you level your characters, dive into the dungeons, and enjoy the world of Midgard more in Ragnarok 2!