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Patch Notes: July 18, 2018

Patch Notes: July 18, 2018
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 3pm-7pm PDT (~4 hours)


 Enjoy July's Hottest Additions to the Kafra Shop!

 July Munil Costume Box

Price: 450 KP

July Munil Accessory Box

Price: 225 KP

July Lucky Box

Price: 300 KP



Summer Sale: Diamonds, Storage, and Rune Items!

 July 18 to July 23, 2018

This week's Summer Sale includes half-priced items you need to expand your character's bags, costume, and diamond collection!


International Pride Loading Screen Contest

July 9 to August 13, 2018

 Many countries celebrate their independence during the summer months. Players from countries around the world unite together in our Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts, and in this Loading Screen Contest we invite you to merge the world of Ragnarok 2 with your real world. Through original art or edited screenshots, show us how you celebrate your country's history. Represent your country through flag, color use, or other patriotic imagery. 


 Entries will be accepted from July 9 to August 13, 2018.

 Winners will be chosen based on the quality, thoughtfulness, and celebratory feel. Multiple winners will be chosen, and final count will be determined by number of entries received.

 Winners will receive:

1x Cape of Unity, 3 slot, special purple slot version.

In addition to participation prize.

Click here to enter!

 One more week of HHB!

July 18 to July 23, 2018

 Happy Hour Boxes drop four times a day:

Players have a chance to get an additional box drop during this time by farming monsters within a five level range of the player that will randomly pop out a useful item.