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Patch Notes: May 7, 2018

Patch Notes May 7, 2018
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
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Pet Egg Bundle

Price: 150 Kafra Points

A bundle containing one of the five new Cute Pet Eggs! Pet Eggs require an Incubator to hatch.


Hatched Egg Bundle

Price: 275 Kafra Points

Want a pet NOW without having to worry about incubation? This bundle is for you!


Basic Incubation Kit

Price: 225 Kafra Points

A kit containing all you need to make a Cute Pet! Kit contains 2 Basic Incubators, 2 PluriEgg Blanks, and a 5-Pack of Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges that you can trade or sell. 


Golden Incubation Kit

Price: 300 Kafra Points

A kit containing all you need to make a Cute Pet in a hurry! Kit contains 2 Golden Incubators, 2 PluriEgg Blanks, and a 5-Pack of Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges that you can trade or sell.


Cute Pet VIP Package

Price: 500 Kafra Points

A Cute Pet bundle containing 30 Day Account VIP, 1 Hatched Egg Bundle, 2 Golden Incubators, 1 Midgard's Grace, 3 Midgard's Gift, and a 25-Pack of Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges that you can trade or sell. 

Anniversary Event Pajama Party Package

Price: 500 Kafra Points

A perfect package for obtaining the Pajama with Hood or Spring Poring Dress costumes! This package lets you pick between Pajamas or the Spring Poring Dress of a random slot, and gives you bonus Norn's Blessing, Chance Coupon, and 1 Slot Poring Hat!


Anniversary Event Pet DNA Random Box

Price: 50 Kafra Points

Great things come in fives! Each box contains 5 Random Boxes with the DNA of the Cute Pets available in the new Cute Pet System. It also contains a 5-Pack of Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges that you can trade or sell.

I2dN0XN.pngPlease NoteI2dN0XN.png

Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges cannot be traded. Once the 5-Pack or 25-Pack bundles obtained from these Kafra Shop packages have been opened, you will not be able to trade them.  If you wish to sell or trade these packs, please do so before opening them. 


5th Anniversary Celebration Super Sale!!

April 30 to June 4, 2018

Throughout our Anniversary Month of May, enjoy huge discounts throughout the Kafra Shop!





Happy 5th Anniversary, Ragnarok 2!

Five years have gone by so quickly! Whether you're a long-time player or have joined us just recently, we would like to thank you for being a part of our wonderful community!

We have been busy working on some great updates this year, and we're so happy to announce that our Anniversary Event will include the first phase of a new system we're very excited about!


Cute Pet System: Introduction

The Kafra Service and Professor Yggdrasil have been hard at work finding a way to summon monsters to your side, not to assist in battle, but to be your steadfast companion. We are proud to announce that the first phase of the Cute Pet System is ready just in time for our 5th Anniversary Celebration! 

Collect DNA, create and incubate Pet Eggs, and make a friend that will provide you with a buff and follow you all day long!

As a special reward for trying the Cute Pet System during our 5th Anniversary Event, we have created a 5th Anniversary Moonlight Flower cute pet with a special buff and unique aura. This pet will only be available during the 5th Anniversary Event!


For more information, please view the Cute Pet System Guide

Fantastic Five

Our Anniversary quest begins with a request from the Mailbox in Prontera outside of the Auction House. The Fantastic Five quest will direct you to Nurse Bliss who is located in the Center Circle of Prontera.


For a complete guide to the 5th Anniversary Quests, please Click Here.

Event Titles

The Very Best (Prefix Title)

HP +400

Attack Power + 200

Magic Power + 200

Defense + 100

The Very Best title is earned upon completing the 5th Anniversary Event quest chain.


Monster Collector (Suffix Title)

HP + 1000

Defense + 150

Vit + 200

Magic Attack + 200

Attack + 200

The Monster Collector title can be purchased from Nurse Bliss for 100 event tokens. 


Are you ready to hunt an Enraged Moonlight Flower!? You better bring a party!

Enraged Moonlight Flower will be spawning in the South Plains, Maple Forest, and Sograt Desert! This special boss will provide EVERYONE in the party with personal loot consisting of Unhatched Moonlight Flower Egg, 15x Shiny 5th Anniversary Badges, or Hatched Moonlight Flower Egg

To make the most of this boss, join a group to battle it. Enraged Moonlight Flower will respawn every 3 hours. 


5th Anniversary Sharing Event

May 1 to June 4, 2018

Share Ragnarok 2 and win prizes for the entire server! Throughout the Anniversary Month we'll provide you ways to connect with RO2 and unlock tiers toward rewards for everyone!

For more information, Click Here!


5th Anniversary Happy Hour!

May 7, 2018 to May 14, 2018

Celebrate May with May Happy Hour Box!

Happy Hour Boxes drop four times a day:

Players have a chance to get an additional box drop during this time by farming monsters within a five level range of the player that will randomly pop out a useful item.



- Fixed WoE timing issue. WoE should be restored to the correct times of 7-8am Wednesdays & 5-6pm Saturdays (Server Time)

 - Set event costume items to different rarity levels, to allow more even loot sharing

- Shiny 5th Anniversary Tokens now stack to 255
- Spinel & Blue Spinel from Nurse Bliss should now function correctly
- Soulmaker Job Change quest should be again be able to be completed.

Enraged Moonlight Flower

 Enraged Moonlight Flower has just gotten a bit angrier! Good luck!