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[Guide] Costume Rune Exchange

Costume Rune Exchange

Coming June 2017!


Time to Expand Your Wardrobe!


Want purple runeholes in your costume, but don't want to look like a Kafra employee? Not feeling the Swag? Well, you're in luck! A new set of vendors have joined Cheny in Prontera, and they bring with them the ability to exchange your old costume items for shiny new purple-slotted versions! 


To Begin...


Find the NPC that is appropriate for your costume type:

Costume Rune Exchange Vendors 


Tijera, Unisex Costumes

Hasami, Female Costumes

Forbici, Male Costumes

Scissors, Platinum and Union Costumes

Gawi, RO1 Costumes


You will need:


3-slot version of a grey runehole costume

20,000 Diamonds



Each vendor has a vast selection of costumes. Find your costume on the list to exchange the 3-slot version and 20,000 diamonds for a new 3-slot purple runehole version!


Important Notes


- Dye will not transfer.

- Please remove any runes that you would like to keep. Runes and Runeholes will not be transferred.

- RO1 statted costumes do not have a statted version with purple runeholes. 


For more information and to see this new feature in action, take a moment to watch our preview video: