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Patch Notes: June 12, 2017

Patch Notes June 12, 2017
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 3pm-7pm PDT (~4 hours)


Interface Design: Kafra Surgeon

Interface Design: Kafra Surgeon

Event Period: June 12 to July 31


The Kafra Service is proud to offer appearance and gender customization through the Kafra Surgeon NPC. To show our thanks for all of the Kafra Service's hard work, we have decided to create a background for the Kafra Surgeon's window! The winning entry will have their artwork immortalized in game as the new background for the customization window.



The Grand Prize winner will be chosen by staff vote. This winner will receive the following prizes in addition to the participation prize.


Winners will receive:

In addition to having their work immortalized in game, item prizes include:


2x Appearance Change Tickets

2x 3s Costume of Choice (Including Swag/Kafra and new 3s Purple Slot Costumes!)




Each participant will receive 1x Appearance Change Ticket and 2x Apple of Idun prize boxes.


To learn more and submit your entry, visit the event post HERE!


Ragnarok 2: 4th Anniversary Festivities!

Connect With Ragnarok 2 and Win a Month of Experience and Bonus Rewards!


From May 1 to June 5, join the fun, connect with Ragnarok 2, and earn fantastic prizes and events for the entire server! Each entry received will help unlock server-wide prizes including experience bonuses, items, and events!


Prize Update!


The HHB unlocked with 20,000 entries will begin 6/12 and run until 6/19

1000% Experience ends today.


Grand Prize winners have been drawn and contacted. Check the email that you registered for the campaign with to see if you’ve won!



Ragnarok 2: Past, Present, Future

Video Contest

Event Period: May 15 - June 26


Four years of Ragnarok 2, and each of you have left a lasting impression on the history of the game. Anniversaries are a time of reflection, and in this video creation event we invite you to tell us about your special moments in Ragnarok 2.


Entry Instructions

Entries will be in video format.



The videos that best show passion, enthusiasm, effort, and creativity will be selected as grand prize winners.  Grand prize winners will receive the participation reward as well as:


One of each:

3 Slot Upper, or Middle, or Lower Face accessory item of your choice

3 Slot Kafra or Swag or body costume item of your choice



Each qualifying participant will receive 5x Cheny's Sunshine Box.


For more information and to submit your entry, visit the event post: HERE!