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Patch Notes: February 13, 2017

Patch Notes February 13, 2017
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: 3pm-7pm PDT (~4 hours)


Cupid's arrow is searching for Love and this year, the Valentine's Day Event is back!  That's rigth John and Magery are back to spread the love across Rune-Midgard. Collect chocolates for your chance to get the "The Grand Heart" Khara title!

Event Period: February 13 - March 13, 2017


Where to begin? 

You may begin your journey in the middle of Prontera!  There you will find Magery Bruce and John Pestin.  


Once you have located each of them, they will have a series of Daily Quests that can be completed during the run of the event. 



Once you are ready it's time to explore Rune-Midgard! 

Soft Hot Milk Chocolate

You may find the milk not far south in Carrot Town


Wrapping Tasty Chocolate

You will find the mob you seek just south of Prontera as well; Red Plains Flip.


Hand-Made Bouquet

If you are looking for the Eternal Flower you may find them scattered across Verta Delta.


February Birth Stone

You will find the February Stone among the Pranks you will find it Verta Delta


Love Disrupter

 For the next quest you will need to comb the beaches of Verta Delta


Jewelry of Forever Love

Next, if you seek the Diamond you may find it in the Road of Bless.  


After completing the quests you may return to Prontera and begin the chocolate making Process. 


Exchanging your prizes

While traversing the world however you do not need to complete just these quests to earn your chocolate delights!  You will also find spawns throughout Rune-Midgard or by killing monsters that are 5 levels within your level range.  Not only that but Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate will recover HP when eaten and Chocolate Cake will give you an HP boost of 3000 for an hour!



You may exchange them with Magery Bruce. 


10 Cacao Beans for 1 Dark Chocolate

5 Dark Chocolates for 1 Milk Chocolate

5 Milk Chocolates for 1 Chocolate Cake

30 Chocolates for a Valentine Chocolate Basket

And if your Chocolate Hoarding is as masterful as can be you may get the Valentines Chocolate Basket that will give you the Khara Title: The Grand Heart!

STR +80, INT +80, AGI +30, WIL +30, Health +30 

(Stats double during event.)

So get out there and collect that sweet sweet chocolate! 


Chocolates will also randomly drop off of monsters around your level! 




The Lunar Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Event Period: February 14 - February 20, 2017


Breaking News!
The Lunar Festival has come to an end and it seems that Loki is up to no good again. Some key characters from this event have been abducted and scattered around Midgard. Help us find them so that we can get them home safe and sound. 
Take these clues and go find the missing NPCs! Thor will reward you for your effort.... if we can find him, that is. 
Note: All NPCs can be found in Channel 1 only, unless it is a map that does not have Channel 1 as an option!
How to Enter
Entries will only be accepted in a direct forum message to me. To message me, click my name next to this post and select the message option. You can comment on the forum here, but do not discuss the clues or whereabouts of the missing reindeer. If you are found spoiling the fun of the scavenger hunt for others, you will not be eligible for prizes and you will be subject to my wrath.
When you enter, please use this format:

Subject: Reindeer Games
In the message please include your in-game name.
For each clue, please use this format:
Clue #
Name of NPC (Example: Idun)
Map/Zone Location (Example: Idun's Basement)
Link to screenshot image of the missing NPC. Screenshot must include your character with visible in-game name and must be un-edited. One screenshot per clue is required.
Please upload images to a public sharing site. www.imgur.com is preferred. You do not need an account to upload images.

One entry per personIf found entering multiple times, your entries will be invalid and you will be blacklisted from future scavenger hunts.
Enter only through a direct message to me on the forums.
Do not publicly (forums or in-game channels) announce the location of the missing NPCs.
Prizes will be distributed based on how many NPC you find.


Share the Love Event

Share the Love: Connect with Ragnarok 2 and Win!

A Month of Experience and Bonus Rewards!

Event Period: February 6 - March 6, 2017

From February 6 to March 6, join the fun, connect with Ragnarok 2, and earn fantastic prizes and events for the entire server! Each entry received will help unlock server-wide prizes including experience bonuses, items, and events!

Every entry counts toward a Grand Prize and Rewards for the Entire Server! Entries will be counted throughout the event period, and prizes will be distributed to the entire server after a tier is unlocked. At the end of the event, five winners will be chosen for the Grand Prize!
Server Prizes
Every entry counts toward a tier unlock. Once unlocked, everyone who logged in during the week (the period between regular maintenance) for at least one hour will be eligible to receive the prize. For example, if 2,000 entries are received during the first week, the first maintenance will increase experience to 200% and distribute the prizes to the temporary storage of anyone who had a qualifying log in. The next week, you will have to log in again at least one hour (account-wide, uninterrupted) to receive the item prizes that unlock. Server-wide bonuses such as events and experience are applied automatically to everyone. 


Prize Tiers

1,000 Entries

Rune Remover by Cheny
Master Battle Manual Order x2

2,000 Entries
200% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

3,000 Entries
Divine Protection x2
3~5 Star DNA Random Box by Cheny

4,000 Entries
300% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

5,000 Entries
Rune Slot Accessory Puncher by Cheny
Cheny’s Lucky Dye Box

5,500 Entries
Return of Happy Hour Boxes for one week!
July Happy Hour Box containing:
The Chance Coupon
Thief Potion
Card Coating Paper
Divine Protection
Large Bag
Master Battle Manual Order (30 min)
Graham Potion
Premium Dye
Premium Designated Dye
Blessing Powder
Complete Honing Scrub
Event Reward Random Box II

6,000 Entries
Phantom Stone x3
Pandora’s Key by Cheny x3
Chance Coupon x5

7,000 Entries
400% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

8,000 Entries
Seals! Two each Cheny Seals:
Vulcan, Veriel, Hoeneim, Demeter, and Guardian.

9,000 Entries
500% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

10,000 Entries
Swag Boxes will drop during HHB hours for one week!

Thief Potion x5

10,500 Entries
600% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

11,000 Entries
Special Honing Oil 15%
Precise Honing Hammer
Complete Honing Scrub

12,000 Entries
700% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

13,000 Entries
Rune Remover x2

Honing Scrub x2
Precise Honing Hammer x2

13,500 Entries
800% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

14,000 Entries
Phantom Stone x5

Graham Potion x5
Explorer's Elixir Package x5
Cheny's Soul

14,500 Entries
900% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

15,000 Entries
Infinium x3
Blessing Powder x3
Refinement Transfer Ticket

15,500 Entries
1,000% Experience for the entire server, throughout the event.

16,000 Entries
Return of Happy Hour Boxes for one week! 
Happy Hour Box V Contains:
Prontera Warp Scroll
Morroc Warp Scroll
Explorer Purple Potion
The Chance Coupon
Master Battle Manual Order
Skill Reset Vellum
Rocket Runehole Puncher
Complete Honing Scrub (Event)
Pandora's Key
Phantom Stone


But wait, there's more!

Grand Prize
Grand Prize Reward Package Contains:
Cheny's Soul x5
Cheny's Sunshine Box x5
Cheny's Snowflake Box x5
One 3-Slot Costume Item of Your Choice! For multiple-piece costumes, one piece from the set can be chosen. 
Five (5) winners will be contacted through email, so please remember to enter using a valid email address!
To Enter
In order to enter, you must first sign in (using Facebook, Twitter, or Email) to the Gleam.io page linked below. Once you have done that, you can earn additional entries by connecting with Ragnarok 2 accounts in different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You can earn additional entries by spreading the word about Ragnarok 2 through things like Retweets and sharing Facebook posts. Some of these activities will give you entries each day, so make sure to check the page frequently to see if you have new options.
Make sure you use a valid Email address to register. We'll be contacting the 5 Grand Prize winners through email after the event is complete. 
To increase the number of entries possible each week, live Twitch live-stream views will count as additional entries. Tune in to have your presence counted! Additionally, a code will be given out at each RO2 Live Stream (Thursday at 5PM) to earn you TWO more entries! Just return to the Gleam campaign page and input the code. 
Entry Link
To enter, click the link below:
Entry Page


 Heart Attack Event

Heart Attack: Valentines Day Card Exchange

Event Period: February 6 - February 27, 2017


Have you been waiting all year to tell that special monster or NPC how you feel about them?

Now is your chance!


Is there a monster or NPC that you find particularly lovable? Have you been looking for the perfect way to show them how much you care? Take this chance to express your feelings through a heartfelt Valentine's Day card!



Entries will be accepted from February 6 to February 27. 


Entry Instructions

There will be two categories for entries:


Original Art

Enter a new, originally created piece of art dedicated to your favorite NPC or monster. Draw, paint, sculpt... any medium your heart desires! As long as it can be captured in an image and is created by you.


Screenshot/Concept Art

Would you rather express your feelings through an edited screenshot, collage, or blend of concept art and in-game screenshots? This is the category for you!


All Entries

Must include a Valentines greeting. Make it look like a card or image you would send a real valentine! 



There will one grand prize winner per category. Each grand prize winner will receive a 3s costume item of their choice. If the costume item has more than 1 piece (for example, Swag costume) you can pick one piece of the set. 



Each participant will receive 1x Cheny's Soul



One entry per person.

Entries must be posted as a reply to this thread using the Entry Format.

Entries must be suitable for all audiences.


Submit your entry in this forum topic!



Dapara's EXP Boost Week


Dapara's EXP Boost Week is here!


Event Period: February 13 - February 22, 2017


Enjoy 200% EXP during the week and 500% EXP on the weekends during this week!




200% EXP Times:


Monday at 12:00 - Friday at 17:00




500% EXP Times:


Friday at 17:00 - Monday at 12:00



Kafra Shop 

The Sweet Chocolate Box is here to satiate your Valentine needs!

Shop Period: February 13 - March 13, 2017

Looking to skip the grind and get your Valentine titles sooner, or just wanting to appease your sweet tooth?

Check out the Sweet Chocolate Box in the shop for 10 Kafra Points!




The Romeo & Juliet Random Box takes the top slot in the Phantom Pyramid!

During the Valentine Event, we've replaced the top item in the Phantom Pyramid with the Romeo & Juliet Box! Check out it's contents!

Romeo and Juliet Random Box


We've got a big sale going on through February 22!

Sale Period: February 13 - February 22, 2017

Our Elite Membership Packs, Phantom Stones, Fusion Items, and Platinum Cosmetic Boxes are discounted for the next week!


Bug Fixes


- Monster Collection: Names will now appear for all summoned pets

- Sograt Desert: Added invisible barrier to block missing wall

- Flying Transportation Service has been added to several points in Dayr Desert

- Gate Issue (War of Emperium): Wizards should no longer be able to teleport through gates

- Quest "Cave of Queen Ant" had missing name for Thai language and has been resolved

- Buff Timer Bug: Only the player that creates a siege weapon can view the timer for the new self-destruct debuff. Also, fixed other players from seeing timers during War of Emperium.

- Tab and Mouseover NPC: Players can no longer tab or mouseover NPC monsters they do not have a line-of-sight to