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PvP Colosseum

Welcome to the PvP Colosseum!


Colosseum Times: 1am, 1pm & 6pm PDT


The PvP Colosseum comes to Ragnarok 2 on May 14, 2013, and provides a ton of player-versus-player excitement. Twice a day, players will hear the call to the Colosseum to do battle. Not only will you be able to do battle against other players and monsters, but you will get to earn points that you can use to acquire unique equipment, costumes, and even a special PvP mount.


Colosseum Basics


Thirty Players Enter and Battle for Their Lives… and Points!


An announcement for the Colosseum will go out twice a day for characters who are level 25 or above, and an icon will appear on the right side of their screen allowing them to enter the Colosseum.


If you are in a group, it will remove you from that group before entering. Players within dungeons will not be able to enter the Colosseum unless they exit the dungeon first.


Each Colosseum will put 30 random players (of equal level) against each other for five rounds of battle.


Players are warped into the Colosseum and placed randomly between two starting locations.

Players begin in a Safety Zone where combat is disabled.

Players are able to enter the Battle Zone, triggering a Battle status on themselves, and are able to defeat other players to gain rank within the Colosseum.


After each round, players will be ranked according to how many players or monsters they defeat. Lower ranked players will be eliminated each round and removed from the Colosseum.


Players will receive PvP points and a Victory Random Box after each round that they survive. The Victory Random Box will contain useful consumeables.


Colosseum Rewards


Players will receive points from participating in the Colosseum that can be used to purchase high quality PvP equipment and weapons. Players will be able to find the vendors for these items in Prontera.


Other unique items that can be bought with PvP points include Refine Stone Box, Union Point Random Box, and even a unique PvP mount that grant a boost skill to improve its speed for a certain time.



Sharpen your weapons and prepare to do battle in the PvP Colosseum!