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Ragnarok 2 under its first maintenance *complete

Currently the Ragnarok 2 servers are under maintenance while we smooth out some login troubles and slow down issues with the connecting.  This maintenance is going to take some time.

Current expectations are the servers will be back up by late Saturday Night PDT, around 10pm.  If this maintenance requires more time this notice will be updated.

Thank you for your support, it is truly appreciated.


We are open, I do apologize for the long downtime.  We have made quite a few updates to the infrastructure, but we do need to do more, and will do so during the next available maintenance.  Of course as we are an MMO the update path never ends :) but we will always do our best to be up as much as possible for you.

We should not have issues again, but if we do, please understand that part of this maintenance was putting more diagnostic equipment in place so if a down happens we have a lot more data to use to correct it more quickly.  This is a reality of life in the MMO world, and we do thank you for your patience and support.


Next Scheduled Maintenance is Tuesday May 7th 6pm PDT, scheduled for 4 hours.