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Patch Notes: July 25, 2016

Patch Notes July 25, 2016

Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.

Weekly Maintenance Time: 6pm-10pm PDT (~4 hours)


We have extended the character limit from 10 to 20!

From now on, all accounts will be able to make up to 20 characters on their account!

For those users who have had a Standby list since the Odin/Freyja merge, you will be able to utilize all of your characters in your account now.



Our Honing items are on sale!

Sale Period: July 25 - August 3, 2016

Our honing items are on sale for just over a week! Take advantage and get your equipment some additional stats using these items!






The July Lucky Box is on sale for one week before it's gone!

Sale Period: July 25 - August 3, 2016

Get your hands on a RO1 Dancer or Bard costume, Wings of the Fallen back accessory, or other goodies within this Lucky Box before it's gone for another year!





The Deviruchi Elite Membership Packs are here!

Out of an Elite Membership buff and really like Deviruchis? We've got them!









The Knight Petit is back!







Summer Sharing: The Final Weeks!


Thank you for your continued participation in the Summer Sharing event! At time of writing, we've received just over 8,250 entries. Additional tiers have unlocked and those rewards will be sent to your Temporary Storage boxes during Maintenance! For the final week, Idun will be adding a few new ways to enter and will update the tier list with rewards that can still be earned.


Keep sharing until the end of the month! Since you all have been so great about participating in the event, we'll count all entries received by July 31 for an additional week of serverwide bonuses. This means if 1,000% EXP or HHB or other serverwide bonuses are earned, they will be applied on the August 3 Maintenance and remain in effect until August 8. 


Today we will bet increasing EXP to 900% and starting up Happy Hour with:


Happy Hour Box  Containing: 

Prontera Warp Scroll
Morroc Warp Scroll
Spinel Purple Potion
Pandora’s Key
The Chance Coupon
Master Battle Manual Order (30 min)
Mystery Chest 1
Card Coating Paper
Phantom Stone
Additionally, the Reward Squids will be sending out:
5,500 Tier: Costume Fusion and Super Puncher, 3 each.
7,000 Tier: Storage Slot Expansion and 7 Day Card Album.
7,500 Tier: Previously Hidden: Cheny's Diamond Pocket (1080)


Summer is upon us and it's time to show off your artistic skills.  We invite you to share with us your character's favorite Summer outfit.  It does not need to be something that currently exists.  It can be something brand new. Create a fun depiction of how your character beats the heat when they are not adventuring through Midgard! 


Click here to check it out!




It's almost the end of the month and you know what that means?  

It's time for another Town Hall Meeting!

Join us again as Ragnarok Online 2 Producer Njoror takes some time to answer all those burning questions you have been keeping secret!  

Leave your questions here with your IGN and we will answer them live on


July 28th, 2016 at 5:00 PM PDT






- The skill, Evanesco, will properly display the amount of targets it can affect in the description

- An issue where a skill placed in certain hotkeys and could not be removed has been resolved

- Roxanne in Road of Blessed no longer believes she is a bulletin board and has appropriate dialogue text

- Various warp NPCs in East Mjolnir, Payon Forest, and Divided Plain have had their text resolved to accurately display where the warp will take the player

- Some naming inconsistencies between Designs and Crafted names have been resolved

- The Master Level quest will only require that you kill 1 of the 5 to complete, and accurately displays that is the requirement now

- Players will no longer be able to summon Monster Collection pets by using the Monster Collection UI within single-player story dungeons

- Kafra Ruby and Swag costumes can no longer be refined, as they gave no benefit if refined

- Morroc Guild Vault NPCs will accurately say if you are entering or leaving the Vault now

- Auction House items that are close to expiring should no longer show a duration of 46D left

- Rejuvenation will only heal once, not twice, as is described in the description

- "Total Purchased" and "Money after Trade" are being reversed in NPC Vendor UI to make sense

- The Blue Squid Hat accessory should work properly on all race/gender combinations now

- Items from the Veteran's Gift event can no be removed from inventory if the player needs the space

- Memorize's effect can no longer be consumed by the impact of a skill that was cast before Memorize

- 24z bags should be sold for 24z and nto 240 rupees

- Spirit of Mysterious Cave IV has its appropriate description back

- If a player has maximum zeny and attempts to vendor an item, it will display the appropriate zeny limit (10,000,000 zeny) and no longer will show 1 billion zeny

- Searching for "Card Coating Paper" in the Auction House will no longer show two different results

- +80 Runes have had a description update to show that they can only be used in purple seed runeholes

- [Epic+] Anniversary cards can now be refined