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[Guide] Episode 2: Wolves Cave



Episode 2: Wolves Cave

Solo Dungeon


Go back in time with Dr. Jacob to uncover the secret of the Wolves Cave. You'll be transformed into a younger version of Dr. Jacob to fight some familiar old foes. Use Dr. Jacob's skills to enlist the help of monsters you slay along the way!


Daily Quests


Visit Maden in Bouquet Town before you enter the dungeon. She has daily quests quests to earn Diamonds!




Enter The Dungeon


You can enter the dungeon by pressing "N" and clicking the "Find Dungeon" tab. Check the box for Ep. 2 "Hidden Report", and begin the dungeon by pressing the bottom button.




Fighting as Dr. Jacob


You will fight in the dungeon as Dr. Jacob. He has a set of main skills, as well as clickable health potions and monster summon skills that you earn along the way.




Main Skills


hdmQdcw.png  #1 Flame Bomb: Instant Cast, 3 Second Cooldown, 10 Meter Range


Gives damage to 5 hostile targets within 5m and inflict the ignite debufff on them for 7 seconds.


ThhRtfQ.png  #2 Summon Trap of Restraint: Instant Cast, 7 Second Cooldown

Summon Trap of Restraint and obtain restraint debuff while giving damage to 10 targets within 10m.


dAM7ygj.png  #3 Incomplete Study: Instant Cast, 300 Second Cooldown

Ymir Child buff provides increased stats.


Recovery Skills


FGgwr02.png  Potion Drink: Instant Cast, 10 Second Cooldown

Recover HP for 10 seconds.


FYZ1ChG.png  Potion Drink (L): Instant Cast, 70 Second Cooldown

Recover full health.


Summon Skills


QI7CPx0.png  Summon Familiar: Instant Cast, 70 Second Cooldown

Increases your HP 40% and decreases damage by 50% for 30 seconds.


IaLHcIj.png  Summon Rackuf: Instant Cast, 70 Second Cooldown

Increase damage 100% for 30 seconds.


9T2LsuB.png  Summon Spider: Instant Cast, 70 Second Cooldown

Recover 2000 HP per 2 seconds for 30 seconds.


Completion Rewards


Level 10-25: Defective Seedrune x1

Level 26-50: Defective Seedrune x2

Master Level: Defective Seedrune x3


Helpful Tips


  • You can gain multiple stacks of the same monster to summon. Use them when you need a little help! All three summons can be active at one time.


  • You'll be fighting the same three monsters from Wolves Cave: Adventurer King Poporing, Arachnoa, and Red Scar. The bosses as well as the other monsters in the dungeon have a chance to drop Defective Seedrunes.


  • Don't try to pull the bosses too far. They will reset!


  • When you enter the dungeon, all buffs will be removed except for Elite Membership, Norn's Blessing, and Midgard's Grace. The dungeon is auto-balanced for difficulty.