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Create your own RO2 Adventure

Create Your Own RO2 Adventure

Create your own RO2 Adventure:

Dark Whisper Edition!

April 20th - June 1st, 2015


Have a creative idea for a quest? Want to be immortalized in game? Now is your time to shine!

20 daily quests will be chosen from player entries to be put into the world of RO2. The top 5 entries will have their creator’s character made into an NPC that will issue out the winning quest lines!


How to enter:

Create a daily quest. This must be a repeatable quest line like the ones found on daily boards around Rune-Midgarts.

Choose how you’d like your NPC to look. Put on your finest outfit and screenshot it! Host this image on a free image service such as photobucket.

Provide the desired location of your NPC. Suggested locations: Morroc or Dark Whisper area.

Enter your quest and NPC details through the entry form: CLOSED

Submit your entry before June 1st, 2015.



Our top 5 winners will be awarded with an NPC likeness in game, a current platinum costume & accessory box, and a super large bag!

Our 15 runners up will have their quests added in game and receive a 30 day mount and storage expansion!


All quests entries must be related to Dark Whisper and use monsters from that area or items already existing in game if your quest involves item collection.

Please keep 20-30 ML characters in mind when setting up what needs to be done to complete your quest. Rewards are up to you to choose, but will be subject to development’s approval.

As always, keep your entries clean and fun. A little cheeky humor is fine, but no adult language or themes will be accepted.


Entries will be accepted through the entry form only.

One entry per person.

Event ends June 1st, 2015.

Winners will be posted in the Hall of Honor & announced on our Social Media!