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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt



The egg hunt is on in Rune-Midgarts!  Visit NPC Tokki and NPC Clinkz in Prontera Square to start this year’s Easter themed quests.

Collect Eggs

You can collect eggs by completing quests, find them as field drops, and pull them out of the Easter Event Random Box in the Kafra Shop!

Event and Daily Quests are available for the duration of this event.

Monsters within a range that is 5 levels above or below your character will drop event eggs. Monsters that are beyond that range will have a greatly decreased rate of dropping event eggs.


Exchange Eggs

Exchange your eggs with NPC Tokki

Trade 10 Unknown Eggs for 1 Pure Egg

Trade 5 Pure Eggs for 1 Blessed Egg

Trade 5 Blessed Eggs for 1 Glittering Egg

Trade 3 Glittering Eggs for 1 Handicraft Egg


 Easter Event Titles

Collect 10 Handicraft Eggs to exchange them for the Easter Egg Title!

Easter Egg Title: STR + 100, AGI + 70, VIT + 50, ACC + 150

Stats are doubled during the duration of the event)


Collect 30 Glittering Eggs to exchange them for the Easter Day Title!

Easter Day Title: INT + 100, AGI + 70, VIT + 50, CAST TIME+ 150

Stats are doubled during the duration of the event)


Eggs can be used as buff items as well!

Pure and Blessed eggs will recover some of your HP/SP for 10 seconds when used as a consumable.

Glittering Eggs will increase STR, INT, AGI, INT, HP by 30 for 10 minutes.

Blessed Eggs will increase Crit Hit, Accuracy, Dodge, VIT, AGI by 45 for 10 minutes!