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Valentine's Day Event

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Event



The feeling of love is making some residents of Rune Midgarts’ stats rise~ Collect chocolates and earn a Khara title that will make you feel full of stat boosts too!


Collect Cacao Beans and Dark Chocolate by completing quests and challenging monsters within a 5 level +/- range of your character.

 Chocolate Collecting

You can collect Bonbon au Chocolat and Chocolat Noir in areas in Rune Midgarts to acquire cacao and chocolate as well!

Bonbons and Chocolat Noir appear in the East & West Mjolnir Mountains, Prontera, Alberta, and Morroc (Except Dayr Desert.) Chocolate Noir gives out Cacao Beans and is relatively easy to find and collect. Bonbons are harder to collect and find, but give out Dark Chocolates.


Trade your chocolates in for a Valentine Chocolate Basket. This item, when used, will give you the title ‘Grand Cru’ and complete a new Khara quest 'The Best Title' in your Khara Menu.
This title will give you STR +80, INT +80, AGI +30, WIL +30, Health +30 (Stats double during event.)



10 Cacao Beans for 1 Dark Chocolate

5 Dark Chocolates for 1 Milk Chocolate

5 Milk Chocolates for 1 Chocolate Cake

30 Chocolates for a Valentine Chocolate Basket



Find NPCs Magery Bruce and Jon Pestin in Prontera to start quest lines and trade in items.


Need a pick me up while completing these challenges? Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate will recover HP when eaten and Chocolate Cake will give you an HP boost of 3000 for an hour!