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Load Central: Now Available for Players from the Philippines!!

We welcomed the Philippines region to our Odin server in July. We are now excited to share the news that Philippine players will now have the option to purchase Warpportal points via Load Central!


Below, we will be sharing a tutorial on how to use Load Central to redeem Warpportal Points!!


Redeeming of Kafra Points from LoadCentral on WarpPortal Account


In this tutorial, we will discuss how to redeem WarpPortal points for Ragnarok Online 2 purchased with the use LoadCentral payment method.



First, you need to buy an ePIN from LoadCentral website or purchase it from existing resellers.


After purchasing WarpPortal EPIN from Load Central, you’ll be receiving a Text message from them which includes the ePin Serial code to be used for redeeming Kafra points.




 * We advise you to avoid deleting the text message from Load Central as it will serve as yout official receipt of your purchase. If there's an issue qwith the redeeming process, you can present it to Load Central for a refund. This could also help us on investigations of transactions.


Here are the current, available rates in Load Central.


To start the procedure on redeeming of Kafra Points, you need to visit http://www.warpportal.com/ and Log-in your WarpPortal account with registered RO2 game account.



Once successfully logged in, you’ll be directed to your Account’s Home Page. Kindly click on “Power-UP” option from the center of the page or on the option located at “Account Management” section that can be seen on the upper-left side of the screen. This will direct you to the Payment page of your account.

When you’re in the Payment page, locate and SELECT “LoadCentral” on the list of Payment Methods that are shown on the screen. 


After that, you’ll need to select the account you’d want to receive the Kafra Points. Kindly choose the account by clicking on the “Select the GameAccount” drop-down menu.



Furthermore, enter the ePIN Serial code you received via Text message under the “Enter the Pin Number” text field box.



Lastly after confirming the transaction, wait for the page to automatically reload and redirect you to another page. A confirmation message on the page will appear after the redeeming of points for your account was completed. Kafra Points will appear on your game account’s Point Balance as “Item Mall Points


You can check the redeemed Kafra Points/ KafraCash in-game by clicking “Kafra ITEM SHOP” located at the upper-right part of the screen while inside the game.


If you would not like to use Load Central to get your points, here are a few other options you can choose from:


Boku Pay by Mobile


Credit Cards 





*Purchased points are exclusive for Warpportal RO2 game accounts only.

*It will be automatically loaded to the selected RO2 account as KafraCash and not as WPE.

*Points could not be converted to WPE.

*Payment Method does not require First Payment checking.

*Used ePIN Serial code is not reusable (You’ll receive an error message: There has been an error with a coupon code)