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Patch Notes 7/23

Patch Notes 7/23

*Subject to change at anytime


1. Bug Fixes

     A. The new RO1 costumes can now be fused correctly. 

     B. Crecentia's Awaken Darkness and Soulmaker's Awake Soulmate will no longer cause invincibility. 

     C. RO1 costumes can now be fused. Set effects will be extended one more week. 


2. Phantom Pyramid

     A. 7F's item will be changed to Bone Dragon's Wing 

     B. You can exchange 10 Chance Coupons at Munil Exchange for a Delivery Mask

     C. Set Effect (from 7/23- 8/20)

         -Equipping the Bone Dragon's Wing with the Delivery Mask will give 2% increase in Vitality, Acceleration, and Crit, and 4% increase in Accuracy.


3. Kafra Shop update


     A. New Kafra Shop Items

         i. Munil's Costume Random box (July)

            -Palm Tree Costume (M or F)

            -Beach Memory (F)

            -Vacance (M)

            -Sheriff Suit (M)

            -Showgirl Dress (F)

            -Grand Pirate

            -Chance Coupon

         ii. Munil's Accessory Random Box (July)

            -Palm Tree Head (M or F)

            -Beach Hat (F)

            -Beach Shades

            -Pincer Pin (M)

            -Snorkel (M)

            -Sheriff Hat (M)

            -Showgirl Hat (F)

            -Dignity of Grand Pirate

            -Brow Piercing


            -Band of the Traitor


            -Chance Coupon

         iii. Devil Limousine (30 Days)



         iv. Mount Random Box (with chance of Deviruchi Limousine)

         v. Platinum Membership Pack (Elporing)

         vi. Gold Membership Pack (Elporing)


     B. Costume Set Effects

         i. Prontier Look (from 7/23 to 8/20)

             -Items: Sheriff Suit, Sheriff Hat, Showgirl Dress, Showgirl Hat

            -Conditions: Equipping two of the above items will give +5 STR/INT/AGI/WIS/VIT

         ii. Grand Pirate (from 7/23 to 8/20)

            -Items: Grand Pirate Costume, Dignity of Grand Pirate

            -Equipping two of the above items will give +10 STR/INT/AGI/WIS/VIT, 30% increase in drop rate, Magic and Attack power increased by 50 and 12.5%


     C. Card Collector Sale (from 7/23 to 8/6)

         i. Card Album: 250 kp

         ii. Card Designated Synthesis: 100 kp


4. Events

     A. Summer Lunius Title event ending.