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Summer Lunius Title Event

Summer is in full swing, and we have a fun event for everyone to participate in!


From June 25 to July 23, June Powders will be dropping from monsters. Trade these Powders in at NPC Karpo in Prontera for cool items! Additionally, you can get Powders by purchasing Lunius Random Boxes from the Kafra Shop. 

Collect Lunius Powders to trade in at the Event NPCs for other Lunius items. 


     -Exchange 10 Lunius Powders for 1 Lunius Fragment

     -Exchange 10 Lunius Fragments for 1 Lunius Piece

     -Exchange 10 Lunius Pieces for 1 Perfect Lunius



Consuming a Perfect Lunius will give a +3000 HP Buff for an hour. 


If you consume 10 Perfect Luniuses, you will get the Summer Sculptor Khara Title.

Effects: +1000 HP/ 3% Damage/ +100 Critical Hit Rate.


. Consuming a Lunius Piece will let you recover 500 HP.


If you consume 10 Lunius Pieces, you will get the Summer Collector Khara Title.

Effects: +150 HP/ 1% Damage/ +100 Hit/ +100 Evade


*The Khara Titles will have double effects during the event period. 



The Lunius Box will be selling in the Kafra Shop!


Lunius Box 


Chance of dropping one of the following:


              1 Lunius Fragment

              3 Lunius Fragment

              5 Lunius Fragment

              1 Lunius Piece

              3 Lunius Piece

              5 Lunius Piece

              1 Perfect Lunius

              3 Perfect Lunius

              5 Perfect Lunius

              10 Perfect Lunius