Ragnarok 2 - Free To Play Online MMORPG Game


Rally Your Allies and Win!


New Registrations will be counted up to August 28th!



Recruit your friends and earn Kafra Cash and items for everyone!

During the time period, the more new registrations we receive, the more Kafra Cash everyone will have the chance to earn!


New Registrations:

10,000 New Registrations = 50 Kafra Cash
20,000 New Registrations = 100 Kafra Cash
30,000 New Registrations = 150 Kafra Cash
40,000 New Registrations = 200 Kafra Cash
50,000 New Registrations = 500 Kafra Cash


You have a chance to win up to 1,000 Kafra Cash by the end of the event!


In addition, the more Facebook likes the Ragnarok 2 Official Facebook Page and Ragnarok 2 -Philippines Facebook Page receives, the more items you can unlock!


New Facebook Page likes: 

10,000 New Facebook likes = 24 hour Master Battle Manual
20,000 New Facebook likes = RO1 Dancer and Bard Costumes (14 days)
30,000 New Facebook likes = Gongurat Rocket Mount (30 Days)
40,000 New Facebook likes = Elite Membership Card (30 days)


Rules & Regulations

Facebook Page Likes can be gained on either page to qualify, and will be determined by whichever one reaches the benchmark first.




*Event dates, details and prizes are subject to change at anytime.