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Team Angeling Vs Team Deviling

Are you ready for an epic new event? As many of you know, Ragnarok 2 is celebrating its first anniversary this May. Our two mascots to mark this great event are the Angeling and Deviling. 


So now it's time for you to decide. Are you ... 


Show your support for your side by participating in our new events!



The Ultimate CM Team Battle



Njoror will be leading Team Deviling while Zanbee will be leading Team Angeling. There will be consequences for these two leaders if one of them loses. 


The Consequences:


If Njoror loses, he will be dared to sing a karaoke song of the community's choosing (we'll host a vote and everything!)


Why you should vote for Njoror:


He is very good at strolling in game and threatening people, often dropping them from 300 feet in the air. His use of GIFs and puns is extraordinarily interesting too.


Also, vote for Njoror (Team Deviling) if you want to see Zanbee in pain from eating a hot petter. It's not going to be pretty! 


If Zanbee loses, she will do the hot pepper challenge for This Week in Ragnarok. The pepper chosen may or may not be a habanero. 


Why you should vote for Zanbee:


She is always the one who revives the people Njoror drops from the sky, making sure they are safe and well. Creating fun events is what she likes to do. Make sure her stubby panda feet don't trip over the wires again,  bringing down the entire server.


Also, vote for Zanbee (Team Angeling) if you would like to see Njoror embarrassed by singing a song NOT of his choosing. Yes, we can make him sing the Snowman song if we have to. 



How points will be calculated:


Twitter Hashtag Posts: 1 point each

Facebook Picture Likes: 0.5 points per like (starting on May 6th)

Normal Entry into the Creative Event: 2 points per submission 

Themed Entry into the Creative Event: 3 points per submission




Choose Your Team Hashtag Event



From May 5th to June 2nd, post with the Hashtag #TeamAngeling or #TeamDeviling, along with #Ragnarok2, to show your support for your team! Each hashtag will generate one point for your team. Please only post one hashtag per week, per account during the event period. 


Every week, we will host a raffle to give away 5 temporary Poring Hats to lucky winners. 


Be sure to follow our Twitters as well!



Ragnarok 2's Twitter


Zanbee's Twitter Njoror's Twitter  





Choose Your Team Free-for-all Creative Event



We host a lot of creative events for Ragnarok 2, and this time we will be doing it a little differently. Instead of asking you to enter a specific entry, we will be hosting a free-for-all creative event. 


You can submit a Normal (related to Ragnarok 2) or Themed (related to Team Angeling/Deviling) version of the following:



Image by Afkvendor    

Arts and Crafts: This can be fan-art or crafts made in real life. 

Lyrics or Short Stories: Compose your own lyrics to a well-known song, or write a Short Story (has be less than 500 words). If you are composing lyrics, please sing the song (optional). If you are writing a short story, please include a cover image. 


Video: Create your own Ragnarok related video.                              

Image by Loka3nna


Image by Snorks

 Other: Want to do something different from the categories above? Choose this category! This can be open-ended, such as making your own recipe of a food that can be found in Ragnarok 2, baking a Poring cake, cosplay, etc. 




If you are unsure of where to submit your entry, feel free to ask CM Zanbee via forums. 






1. Entry period: May 5- June 2

2. You may submit one entry per category for the creative event (up to 4 total). 

3. You can only choose one side for the entirety of the event and for all your creative submissions.

4. All submissions have to be your own original work.

5. Please enter work that has not been shared with the community or submitted for other Ragnarok 2 contests. 

6. Submissions have to be appropriate for all ages. We reserve the right to revoke any submissions we deem inappropriate or against forum and event rules.

7. Please submit entries in our forum thread or the Steam event entry thread.

8. Please fill out the following form when submitting entries:


     Character Name:


     Why you chose this team:

     Entry Category: 

     *Attach Entry





There will be one winner per each category (to be decided by Warpportal Staff and Volunteers), and one Arts and Craft winner chosen via Facebook Likes. 


These five winners will be receiving Ragnarok 2 mousepads! They will be signed by Zanbee, Njoror, Heimdallr and other select Warpportal staff members!



All creative participants will be recieving a 30 day accessory and an Event Random Box.





*Thanks to Doppio for the first picture! 

*Volunteers not involved in the voting process are eligible to enter.