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Spring Festival


The great season of Spring is here, and there is no shortage of blooming flowers and hopping bunnies! 


To start the [Spring Festival] Quests, look for NPC Clinkz in front of the Prontera Fountain. You have to be level 15 before you can see the quests.


. Completing the Spring festival quest line will give you The Pranked Khara Title (+12 STR, +12 AGI, +12 INT, +8 WIS, +18 VIT). 


Through this event, you can collect Easter Eggs by completing quests or getting them as monster drops. 



There are five different Easter Eggs that will drop various items.



Right-clicking a bunny will either give you a Bunny with a higher level or a Sulky Bunny. 


You can also purchase the Easter Bunny Box selling in the Kafra Shop for 30 points. 


Contents of the Easter Bunny Box:

               The box has a chance of giving 1 of the following:

                   Bunny (Lv 2)
                   Bunny (Lv 3)
                   Bunny (Lv 4)
                   Bunny (Lv 5)
                   Bunny (Lv 6)
                   Bunny (Lv 7)
                   Bunny (Lv 8)
                   Bunny (Lv 9)
                   Bunny (Lv 10)
                   Sulky Bunny


If you get a Bunny (Lv 10), then you will be able to complete the "[Spring Festival] Easter Bunny" Khara quest which gives a Easter Bunny Khara Title (2% Additional Damage, 2% Additional AGI, +30 Penetration, 1% Damage Reduction).


. If you right-click a Bunny and it fails, it will turn into a Sulky Bunny. You can collect Sulky Bunnies and trade for items from NPC Tokki.




 NPC Tokki's item list:



Little Boy Costumes


Francoou Hat


You can also trade in Sulky Bunnies at NPC Big Bunny for new Khara titles.


[Spring Festival] Pascha    50 Sulky Bunnies     +28 STR, +15 AGI, +25 VIT
[Spring Festival] Ostern    50 Sulky Bunnies     +28 INT, +15 AGI, +25 VIT
[Spring Festival] Eostore    50 Sulky Bunnies     +40 VIT, +50 Parry, +100 Hit


 *All [Spring Festival] Special Event Khara Titles will have double stats until May 14th.