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Valentine's Day: All You Need Is Love


Love is in the air, and there are 5 new Khara titles and 2 new costumes to celebrate Valentine's Day with! All you have to do is to collect Cacaos from Monster Hunting or by purchasing the Valentine Chocolate Box through the Kafra Shop, and trade them in!


You can trade in Cacaos, Chocolates, Chocolate Creams, or Chocolate Cakes at NPC Magery Bruce located at the center of Prontera City. Once you have enough Chocolate Cakes for the Chocolatier Title, you can accept and complete the quest from Magery Bruce. 


Item Name Method
Cacao Monster Drop or Collecting
Chocolate Exchange with 10 Cacaos or Collecting
Chocolate Cream Exchange with 10 Chocolates
Chocolate Cake Exchange with 10 Chocolate Creams

Additionally, you can get various numbers of Chocolates, Chocolate Creams, and Chocolate Cakes from the Valentine Chocolate Box selling in the Kafra Shop for 10 Kafra Points.


From the box, you have a chance of getting 1 of the following:


1, 3, or 5 Chocolates

1, 3, or 5 Chocolate Creams

1, 3, 5, or 10 Chocolate Cakes


When you have collected enough Chocolate Cakes, you can visit NPC John Prestin and exchange the Cakes for items. To get a title, accept one of the quests he offers. The Khara Titles you can get from John Prestin are Biscotti, Truffle, Palet'dor, and Couverture. 


Here is a list of items and titles you can get from the NPCs:



Limited Time RO1 Dancer and Bard Costumes:


RO1 Dancer Style Costume (Female)


RO1 Bard Style Costume (Male)




 VEP Events



A Tribute to Love Poetry Event


Create some romantic poetry and you have a chance to win a Romeo and Juliet Costume! Time to put those poetry writing skills to some good use!

Click Here!

Star-Crossed Greetings


Have a significant other or a buddy you want to say "Happy Valentines" to? Be sure to create a card and post it in the Star-Crossed Greetings thread. Both you and your card's recipient will recieve an Event Random Box!

Click Here!