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Yule Festival

Yule Festival 


 Dates: December 18th- January 15th


It's the perfect time to say a hearty, "Ho Ho Ho!"


Some old and new Holiday celebrants are coming to help all the adventurers celebrate their holidays.  Gift giving, decorations, and festivities will be the order of the day this Holiday Season in Ragnarok 2! 


To start the holiday quests, be sure to look for NPC Dasher in Prontera on December 18th! 

To start the Yule Festival Quests, look for Dasher in Prontera! You have to be level 15 before you can start the quest. 



Complete the quest and earn Lutie Snowflakes! 


Exchange the Lutie Snowflakes at the Stray Fairy for holiday themed costumes and consumables!


Additionally, if you are level 50, there are two new Yule Festival dailies that can be completed. Finish the quests from Rudolf (in Prontera) and Santa Claus (in a cave behind Donner and Blitzen), and automatically receive a brand new holiday themed Khara Title with the following stat increases.



It is now up to you to save Yule Festival!


Additional Holiday Events:



Season's Greetings, Holiday Porings Event

Date: 12/11-12/31


The Holiday season is almost upon us. It is the time to not only send gifts, but also greeting cards!! 


If you send a greeting card, you will receive an Event Box. Additionally, the person you send it to will also receive an Event box.


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