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Guild Shenanigans Events

Guild Shenanigans Events


Don't just spend holiday time with friends and family; spend time with your Guildies as well! Here are some fantastic Guild events to keep you and your guildmates busy for the rest of the year! 


Dates: December 18, 2013 to Janurary 15, 2014



Celebrate with your Guild! 


Take a cheerful screenshot of you and your guild mates in holiday costumes and accessories. Enter and get featured in our official Facebook Album.


All for One


Take a fun screenshot with at least 20 of your guildmates. Screenshots will be collected at the end of the event, to be put up on Facebook for a community vote. The top 3 with the most votes will earn Event Boxes for their entire guild. 


Team Building Exercises


The top 10 guilds who have the highest log-in record during the event period will recieve the following:

-Pinky Fat Pukui Hat

-Master's Battle Manual

-Blue Spinel



Entry Thread.