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COMPLETE: Talk Like a Pirate Weekend Events

Pirate Weekend Events


Dates: 9/19-9/24



Attack of the Drakes!


Date: 9/19-9/24

Drake will be regularly attacking Prontera and Alberta! Make sure to be in game to listen for which channels he shows up on, so you can slay the scurvy dog!


Prize: Drake's Treasure Chest   *Not everyone will be able to get the box.

Schedule: 11 and 3 pm PDT: Thurs, Fri, Mon, Tues

*Sunday: Drake will show up at 5pm PDT to avoid angering the Emperium.


GM Hide and Seek – Now with Pirates!


Date: 9/19-9/24

Njoror and Zanbee will be hiding out in Midgard certain parts of the day. Be one of the first to find them to have a chance to receive a Drake box! They will only be hiding on Channel 10 during designated times.


Prize: Drake’s Treasure Chest - 15 to 30 winners each round

Schedule: 12 pm and 4 pm PDT: Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues




Ragnarok N Roll Live Stream Giveaway


Date: 9/22 at 3pm PDT

Zanbee will be holding a raffle to give away Drake’s Costume during the Ragnarok N Roll live Stream on Sunday at 3pm PDT. Tune in to http://twitch.tv/warpportal.com at 3pm PDT for a chance to win!


Prize: Drake’s Treasure Chest


Twitter Hashtag Event


Date: Thursday-Tuesday

Players are encouraged to reply to a Pirate-themed question with the hashtag #RO2PirateWeek

We will be posting a different question each day. We'll be randomly selecting winners to receive the Drake Treasure chest.


Thursday Question: What is your Favorite Pirate saying?


Cursed Ghost Ship Raffle



Date: 9/11-9/25

For those who have strived to defeat Drake during Pirate’s Week, we will be doing a raffle at the end of the event to give away Drake’s Treasure Chest. Make sure to explore Cursed Ghost Ship, either in Normal or Hard Mode, up until the 9/25 maintenance, and you’ll  have a chance to win!

Prize: Drake’s Treasure Chest


Talk Like a Pirate… Days!



Date: 9/19-9/24

If a GM or CM is able to catch you talking like a Pirate in-game or through the forum, you have a chance to randomly get some of Drake’s treasure! Don your pirate outfit and start telling people to “Walk the plank!” for a chance to win!

Prize: Drake’s Hat



VEP Events

 (VEP = Volunteer Event Planner)


. The Treasure of Pirate's Cove
Date: 9/21
A brand new style of event (Ragnamix, word scramble) will take place.  Check the linked topic to learn more on how the Treasure of Pirate's Cove can be your's for the taking.
Prize: Drake’s Treasure Chest  (one per question)
(Event occurs randomly all day long- Saturday)


Dress Like a Pirate

Date: 9/19-9/24

Draw a picture of an RO1/RO2 monster or character in a pirate costume. Alternatively, you may also take a picture of yourself dressed like a pirate.

Prize: Drake Costume (10 winners)