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Midgard's Finest Film Festival (MFFF)



Last month, many of you showcased your creativity via the Creative Porings Competition. This month, we would love to see that creativity take the shape and form of creative videos.


Check below for the rules and prizes:




-Make a creative video showcasing your Noel Characters. If you don't plan on using Noel characters, you can also create videos using Human characters or are Ro2 related.

-Can be in story or music video format.

-No less than 2 minutes, and no longer than 6 minutes.

-Has to be appropriate for all ages, and relevant to the game.

-You can work in groups, but only one prize per winning entry and account.

-The video has to be uploaded onto Youtube including this in the title "Ragnarok 2 MFFF: Video Name". Be sure to also include your character name and a small summary of your video.

-The last day to submit videos would be on 10/30. To enter, post the video link in the MFFF video thread.

-The WP team will choose 15 videos for a forum poll. The top two will be the first and second place winners chosen by the community.

-There will be two first place and two second place winners: One first and second place chosen by the WP staff and one first and second place by the community.




First Place: Superlarge bag, VIP Package, 10 Karniums, 2 random costume boxes. and choice of 1 Ro1 costume


Second Place: Storage Slot Expansion, 7 day VIP, 5 Karniums, 5 Spinel, 1 random costume box, and choice of 1 Ro1 costume


Honorary: The video with the most views will win their choice of 1 Ro1 costume. 




*Please be aware that dates and prizes can change at anytime.